DVD sales slip drove Warner to Blu-ray

Fears of a deteriorating U.S. economy and falling DVD industry sales helped drive Warner Bros's decision to back Sony's Blu-ray next generation DVD format exclusively, a top executive told Reuters.

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wallace10003969d ago

Makes sense, it is all business to these guys. Their move was based on making money. I just hope we have one format in the next few months with 100% studio support. Then i can get all the movies i like :-)

jcgamer3969d ago

Someone needs to start a Buyer's Most-Wanted Blu-ray Movies List/Chart somehow...or does one already exist? Anywho, I can name quite a few...

chfthnder263969d ago

that is a cop out cuz honestly hi def movie formats are not hurting movie sales because most of the general public dont even know wut hddvd or blu ray is wut is hurting the market honestly is salesmen that think they know it all and give the consumer wrong or mixed information that is the real problem i mean honestly how can these movie formats hurt standard dvd sales

Sayai jin3969d ago

I do not see how this will help DVD sales. They are still supporting a format that is next gen HD format, which does nothing for DVD.