Stunning New Halo 4 Song from the Original Soundtrack

Remember the first documentary we saw from 343? Well, everyone was definitely looking for the song in the background and it has finally been released online in great quality.

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Cajun Chicken2409d ago

This is pretty cool, but I hope in the finished version, the choir is improved. I'm not such a fan of this synthesised one. I love the fact the motifs of the original Halo trilogy theme are embedded throughout.

MeridianHope2409d ago

I think this is pretty good... but in my opinion, the original Halo theme is one of the best video game themes ever, and this doesn't even come close.

spicelicka2409d ago

you're right, but technically it's impossible to top that music no matter how good it is, because the orginal halo didn't have anything to compare to, it was it's own thing and at the same time amazing.

otherZinc2408d ago


The 1st 33secs. had much promise.
1:26 to 1:33min mark much promise.
2:23 to end had much promise.

Everything else sucked & had the sound of I dont know... not Halo.

Merrill2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

The beginning reminds me of 'The Forgotten City' theme, from Final Fantasy 7.

irish4life092409d ago

Sounds good...but it sounds more like Uncharted to me.

TekoIie2409d ago

Really??? If i could see any game throught this music it would be Crysis but i really dont feel that sort of music is what Uncharted goes for...

Nimblest-Assassin2408d ago

Yeah, has more of a crysis vibe than Uncharted

_Aarix_2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

How the hell does it sound like uncharted?

IQUITN4G2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

This is not especially great. It may very well be fitting with a new direction but it's not in the least bit clever and sounds much like somone blessed only in the art of sequencing. Predictable. Previous Halo music is on another page frankly

Gone is subtle replaced with obvious albeit experienced production values but with very little understanding for shape or harmony. Marty need not worry here but it's a real shame he didn't stay on board

I'm all for new and fresh but this is decidedly average in places

And it truly is a shame because the game is shaping up very nicely and has so far has impressed me outside of this

Evolution of Halo's music my arse

aviator1892409d ago

This isn't the officially released track from 343i. Rather, it's a recreation from a youtube user, Tridyrium. Still pretty awesome though.

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The story is too old to be commented.