Blu-Ray Disc Backers Taste Victory in DVD Format War

The International Consumer Electronics Show is turning out to be a celebration party for Blu-ray, the high-definition format Sony Corp. backed, and a wake for a rival movie disc technology pushed by Toshiba Corp.

Rob Bohl of Highland Park, N.J., bought an HD DVD player in December for $179.98, without considering a Blu-ray player instead. He had forgotten about the other format.

"I wish I had been more careful and waited," he said.

He feels a bit "burned" by the experience, but it's probably not enough to keep him out of the market.

"The fact is: when I get my tax refund, they'll probably have a cheap player, and I'll probably wind up getting one," Bohl said.

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TANOD3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

so it is VALID

poor Bill Gates and Toshiba

Bill thinks DD is the future.

wow just wow

People would prefer rental service over PHYSICAL DISCs ???

why would i rent a movie for 6$ at 720p when i could easily get a PHYSICAL BD disc for 10$

rather than inventing these FANTASTICAL IDEAS Billy atleast do something for the 300k HD DVD owners who might now feeel cheated


why would u even rent a movie for 6$ for a SPAN of 3 days

In order to store movies of HD you need an HDD which is as big as 5--10 terabytes


why are DVDs selling then?

why are people purchasing billions of DVDs every year when they can download them for free at the torrent sites.

Why are people watching movies at theatres when they could stream one for free on their PC from Piurated movie sites??

Dont follow the footsteps of MS. 300k x360 owners lost 1000s over HD DVD addons and HD DVD movies.

Is MS even compensating them?

YoMeViet3994d ago

I'll support Direct Downloads for High Def movies when my ISP provides me with speed that won't take 10+++ hrs to download a 25GB movie..

Maddens Raiders3994d ago

News for Movie-goers, not News for Movies. You know since movies can't read, write, type, think etc....

So N4MG would be more accurate. 8D

InMyOpinion3994d ago

It didn't sound as catchy ;)

I was thinking News4MovieWatchers but it's just too long. Anyways I'm fed up with all this talk about Warner and Blu-Ray and HD-DVD etc.

HD-DVD is dead, Blu-Ray wins. I get it.

@TANOD - Why buy a movie when you can download it for free?

Lucreto3994d ago

DD is in the distant future as there are many factors.

1. Low HDTV uptake- In many countries HD channels are not available like these is less than 10 in the UK.

2. Slow Broadband and low uptake- In most countries Broadband has only 20% penetration and it is expensive for high speeds.

3. Most likely there will be some form of DRM if MS try to take advantage this will be a let down.

4. I have over 100 DVDs and 6 BDs and you won't have a harddrive big enough for people like me.

5. We will want to own the movies not just temporary download them only having a week to watch them before self deleting. Currently it would take nearly a day to download and I don't want to spend more time downloading a movie than the actual films length.

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Maddens Raiders3994d ago

I'm watching MSNBC's coverage of CES. Not a peep about BR, but they keep touting that NBC/Universal are the first to broadcast the CES. People really do hate to lose, so I'm not surprised.

TANOD3994d ago

Rather indulge themselves in distant FANTASIES of RENTAL SERVICE of 720p MOVIES reigning over movies in PHYSICAL DISCS at 1080p

I have never seen companies as shortsighted as MS???

a full HD movie takes up 50gig...200gig as in case of planet EARTH.

How do they even expect people to download 50gig from the net when AVERAGE JOE doesnt even download a DIVX movie of 1 gig space

travelguy2k3994d ago

and most internet providers have a cap or somthing at like 50-80gbs per month. So you download a movie and then your conection is shut down for the rest of teh month.

Great System...Blue Ray FTW!!!

Wozzer3994d ago

HDDVD - Deceased 2008

AliC3994d ago

Yawn when can we get back to some gaming news all this Blu-ray/HD DVD stuff is really starting to bore.

unlimited3994d ago

poor hddvd they cant bounce back..

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