The 11 Playstation Exclusives To Look Forward To In The Next 3 Months

Trendy Gamers: It’s no secret that Sony does a great job of releasing exclusive games for their systems. Within the next three months, we’ll be seeing a total of 11 exclusives launched across the Playstation 3, Playstation Vita, and Playstation Portable.

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Abash2431d ago

Starhawk is awesome, cant wait for May 8th

waltyftm2430d ago

Agreed, loved the Beta, cant wait for the full game.

MaxXAttaxX2430d ago

Gravity Rush and LBP are on my top most anticipated upcoming game.

omi25p2430d ago

I just couldn't enjoy the beta. Not sure why, Which is a shame because Starhawk's probably the only game I would've bought from that list.

whothedog2430d ago

I actually didn't enjoy it either, but I also was never a Warhawk fan.

Larry L2430d ago

I'm a huge PS fan. It's basically my only brand for gaming. But for me.....this list is pretty lame, just for my taste in gaming that is.

I don't know about anyone else, but really, as of now this is going to be a really slow gaming year for me. Though E3 could obviously change my whole outlook on the Fall.

Right now I'm only really excited for the console version of WrestleFest, The Walking Dead, Last of Us and maybe the Double Dragon remake. That's the only guaranteed money I'm spending on games so far this year. And maybe some DLC if any more comes out for GT5 or if I like the looks of Skyrim DLC.

On the Plus side it's good I don't need much extra $ for gaming this year so far, especially with how many free games I get from my Plus membership which I just renewed (LOL, I was actually excited to renew my Plus membership just so I felt like I was spending some money on gaming this year).
But at this point I kinda wish I had some HUGE blockbuster game or two I was looking forward to besides Last of Us.

The couple huge games I am looking forward to don't even have release windows yet, like console version of Diablo 3 and FFvs13.

My fingers are crossed for E3 to give me some more things to be excited about. Some specific DATES to look forward to. I'm in a gaming depression or something. I played Rage till Skrim came out, played Skrim for like a month and have gone back to playing nothing but Gran Turismo 5 since. Nothing's been exciting me in gaming lately.

NewMonday2430d ago

@Larry L
almost every Sony Studio is now working on PS "Orbis", other than GOW4 and a release date for Last Guardian, all studio work will be on PSO and PSV.

even 3rd party publishers are not announcing much, hardly any PS3 or 360 game announced for 2013

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THC CELL2431d ago

Starhawk is amazing, getting most of them games

kube002431d ago

Looks to be a a packed summer

TrendyGamers2430d ago

So many good games to choose from.

shodan742430d ago

It's all about Starhawk...

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