GamerFitNation Go Home Dinosaurs Pax East Preview: Dino Baddies and Tower Defense

GamerFitNation Gregory Laporte previews Go Home Dinosaurs.

"Last year, I met a man named Eitan Glinert of a very small game development team called Fire Hose Games. They had just one booth at Pax East cramped along the outskirts of the show floor. My, what a year does for some companies. This year they had two booths and a new game on display. The game they had on display was their new Tower Defense game Go Home Dinosaurs. There is one game that stands out in mind when playing this game and that is Plants Vs. Zombies. They are both the same genre, but I really feel that Go Home Dinosaurs has something really special that it’s working with. Well, without further ado, onto our preview of Go Home Dinosaurs!"

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