Top Ten Online Multiplayer Console Games

"In some ways the internet has made gaming less personal, but in others has helped and made it so people all around the world can connect and have fun."

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2437d ago
VanillaBear2437d ago

I would replace Uncharted 3 with Uncharted 2

Uncharted 2s multiplayer was much better, especialy in the pre 1.5 update days.

The game was just much more balanced and unique then what Uncharted 3 turned into.

Kickbacks, upgradable perks, weapon mods, powerplays, thanks.

LOGICWINS2436d ago

UC3 has a hardcore mode for that very reason you mentioned. Perks and powerplays are optional in online MP. Wouldn't be fair to fault UC3 for something that you aren't forced to use.

VanillaBear2436d ago


You would get such a laugh out of that if you said that on the ND forums

Hardcore mode is NOTHING like Uncharted 2 (Classic Mode)

Hardcore mode might be stripped down but loadouts are still in it and the game is just boring. Uncharted 2 might not of had a lot but it was still fun.

Theres even a massive thead of the forums for people to support a classic mode, one of the MP designers on the forums actually spoke in the thread and said "Did Hardcore mode not do it for you guys"...people were like "Are you serious......erm......NO" . Apparently it's going to be added in one of the labs and then if it does well enough as a real playlist.

If they wanted to please Uncharted 2 fans instead of their new COD audience then they should of just done a proper Classic Mode instead.

Nick2120042436d ago

I can agree with you on the Uncharted 2 multiplayer having the advantage over 3. I preferred the story of Uncharted 3, but strictly multiplayer goes to 2 for me.

cpayne932436d ago

"Halo 2: Now while Reach, ODST, and Halo 3 are all better games..."

Gotta disagree with that. At least for Reach, never played ODST, but I thought Halo 2 was way better than Reach.

I have trouble getting into online multiplayer games, the only online shooters I've been able to really get into this gen was Killzone 2-3, bad company 2, and Halo 3. I'm bout to try out the Ghost Recon beta, hope that's pretty good.

LOGICWINS2436d ago

Nice list, but I would have personally included GTA4 in there.

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The story is too old to be commented.