Link's Crossbow Training VS The Umbrella Chronicles

The Wii Zapper is out and so are compatible games. But which is the best? Link's Crossbow Training is a bonus game that comes with the Wii Zapper, in the same way that Wii Sports comes with the Wii, so you have no choice but to add the little green elf's first shooter to your game collection. But is it better than Capcom's Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles?'s Versus series pits the two Wii Zapper compatible games head to head and finds out which has the quickest trigger finger.

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lynx1halo3995d ago

because both of them are TOTAL GARBAGE and EQUALLY PATHETIC!!! .....these games do not do any justice to the names Zelda or Resident Evil

PS360WII3995d ago

Well Umbrella Chronicles is a better game with just the Wii Remote and nunchuck. So Zelda Crossbow training wins the Zapper crown between those two. However I still think that Ghost Squad is the best use of the Zapper.

RE:UC is still a great game and I'm glad it's selling well on the Wii. Can't wait for House of the Dead as well :)

Wardy3995d ago

At first i thought the Zapper with Link's Crossbow training was tolerable although the simple wiimote + nunchuck combo was much more accurate. But it was playing UC with the Zapper that finally convinced me I should consider selling the Zapper with LCT as it is actually in fact pretty rubbish.
Fortunately for me I managed to sell my Zapper/LCT for £29.99, poor soul whoever bought that.

machine3995d ago

its funny how they don't compare how each game actually works with the zapper. tell me this, where the crap is the cursor positioning option in RE:UC? link has it, wtf. I found RE:UC quite unplayable with the zapper, but with out it, its a great game. I hope that my for mentioned option will be a must for any future rail shooters on the wii with zapper functionality.

PS360WII3995d ago

well the cursor wasn't my problem with UC with Wii Zapper. My problem was trying to use the knife or grenades with the Zapper and the trigger seemed slower with the Zapper.

TruthbeTold3995d ago

Both games are great when considered according to their price. For 20 bucks, you can't beat Link's Crossbow training. Umbrella Chronicles is a much more in depth and higher quality game, which the price reflects. The only comparison between the two really is that they CAN make use of the Zapper. The thing with the Zapper though, is that unless you go into it with a mentality of "Getting into it" it's completely meaningless. The feel for the games control-wise is better without it. But the fun factor, if you overlook the awkward clunkiness of the Zapper, can add another element to the game if you don't insist upon a purely serious experience. That's my opinion anyway.

PS360WII3995d ago

oh yea the Zapper is great. I just think that RE:UC was made more for the Wii Remote+nunchuck then that for the Zapper. Which is why Ghost Squad is still the better Zapper title ^^

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