Game Ranter Banter: Halo 4, Vita Price Cut, Mass Effect 3 Ending & COD Sales

Midway through April video game releases have slowed down considerably, leading into a busier May schedule. There's isn't as much of an influx of big name retail games, but there's no shortage of games to play, as the magical platformer FEZ finally released this week amidst our time to catch-up. And if that doesn't interest you, there's always the Game Ranter Banter.

In this weeks discussion, the Game Rant crew delves into Halo 4, a possible Vita price cut, the quality of fan-made shorts, dwindling Call of Duty sales and last but not least, we continue to beat the Mass Effect 3 controversy ending to death.

Let's begin.

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Waddy1012406d ago

There won't be a Vita Price cut.
Just because the 3DS dropped price after release because it wasn't selling well has now changed everybody's perception of console releases. They now suddenly think that there will be a price drop not that far after release when in reality it doesn't happen very often.

LOGICWINS2406d ago

"There won't be a Vita Price cut."

One of two things WILL happen by the end of this year:

1) The Vita will get a price cut to $199 this year.

2) The Vita will remain at $250, but Sony will throw in a memory card and a game in each box.

The first one is more likely.

Waddy1012406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

You've shown quite clearly in previous posts that you are a Pro-3DS/Nintendo person so im not going to argue with you but in all honesty the second thing you have posted is more likely to happen.
Sony aren't making the massive profit margin that Nintendo were making on the 3DS which allowed them to comfortably drop the price.

LOGICWINS2406d ago

"You've shown quite clearly in previous posts that you are a Pro-3DS/Nintendo person so im not going to argue with you"


Ummm...just for my own amusement, can you link me to the posts that (according to you) "clearly" make me a Pro-3DS/Nintendo person?

Outside_ofthe_Box2406d ago


Not pro-3DS, just anti-Vita/anti-N4G.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2406d ago

Well in December it'll have been released for a whole year. Usually after a year they drop the price by 50-100 dollars. I'd say some time in quarter 4 2012 (January - March) they'll drop it.

gtxgamer22406d ago

Its not the price of the system that bothered me when i bought my vita, it was the price of the memory card.

MasterCornholio2406d ago

Should have looked for deals then because I bought my Vita for 220€ and I got a free 8GB memory card.