Blu-ray supporters scent victory

BBC reports: "The backers of the Blu-ray high definition DVD system are predicting victory in the format wars with HD DVD. The two rival camps have divided consumers since the two incompatible systems were launched. But Blu-ray supporters are touting the decision by Warner Bros to shift allegiance as a tipping point.

HD DVD, which is backed by Microsoft and Toshiba, now has support from only Universal and Paramount among the big film studios. No-one from the HD DVD promotion group was available for comment after the organisation cancelled all press interviews at the show."

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neogeo3970d ago

I will pick a HD-DVD player up for 2 reasons.

1. It will be a collectors item just like mini disk and beta max. Something fun to show your grandkids or sell on e-bay in 20 years.

2. when they finally admit they lost I can see the movies going on a vapor
sale for like $10!

HarryEtTubMan3970d ago

*Sniff sniff*

......smells good.

Wozzer3970d ago

HDDVD - Deceased 2008

SmokeyMcBear3970d ago

uh doesn't sense or smell victory sound better?

CNIVEK3970d ago least not to an illiterate Sony fanboy. :o

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