Canada's Contributions to Gaming

The gamePad360 explains Canada's contribution to gaming by talking about the "Big Three Developers" and what franchises they have developed.

There are dozens of video game developers in Canada, many are small studios that specialize in ports or assisting bigger studios in development of AAA titles (i.e. Rockstar Toronto helps all bigger Rockstar studios in development, while also porting versions of games to other platforms. Or Ubisoft Quebec helping Ubisoft Montreal in developing Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood). Most of the big name developers are located on the west coast of Vancouver (most likely due to EA Canada’s success) and Montreal. Vancouver is home to Capcom Vancouver, EA Canada, Next Level Games, Rockstar Vancouver, Piranha games and many smaller companies. The Province of Quebec is home to Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Quebec, BioWare Montreal, Behaviour Interactive and many others.

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FinalomegaS2438d ago

My friend worked at EA montreal, now he's at Gameloft. Started out as a game tester and now he's a game producer (with some years at Concordia University). I should of gone to work there, I can say my passion is games and I think i would be happier to work with the one thing I've been doing for 30+ years.

Glad to see Great white has some good devs too.

ShaunCameron2437d ago

Ahh yes! Behavious Interactive. Formerly known as A2M. Lately I been thinking about getting Wet. Too bad it's gonna be very hard to find.