Skype for PSP is as Useful as a Wooden Frying Pan

David Walker writes:

"Is there really that much demand for an oversized, poorly designed VoIP device? At that, do we really need to talk to people while playing Syphon Filter or SOCOM? Truthfully, I get annoyed when people talk to me while I'm playing Sudoku on my PSP, much less a more engaging game or movie. Plus, is the PSP really designed to be used practically as a VoIP device? Its form-factor reminds me more of the "side-talking" Nokia N-Gage device of yore than it does a practical voice communications device. Sure, you could use a headset with it, but that argument sure didn't help the N-Gage sell more units. I chuckle when I think about people using their PSP to dial up a friend, only to hold the unit against their face or shout at the PSP so their friend can hear them over the background noise."

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Darkiewonder3995d ago

the mic provided will be similar to a bluetooth headset. but then again, that's not saying much because i see people screaming to it because they can't tell if it's going in at the distance it's at.

chester3995d ago

because i have the fatty psp and not the slim sexy one. ah well, i'll survive.

Sayai jin3995d ago

I agree. I will not use the feature as I have an older PSP, but nevertheless a PSP. I no there will be others who feel cheated and they should not have to go and buy a PSP slim to take advantage of Skype. Hopefully sont does something to redtify this and they probaly will.

Counter_ACT3995d ago

I stopped reading when he said he played Sudoku on his PSP.

anh_duong3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

muppet alert.. i use skype all the time so this comes in handy.. and you are right, anyone who rates sudoku as his game of choice for the psp definitely knows less than nothing about the machine..

to go with analogies this guy is as useful as source for psp knowledge as a turd in the swimming pool...

Chubear3995d ago

It didn't take long for the bashing of an incredible optional feature that Sony has ANYTHING to do with XD

Blademask3995d ago

Anything sony innovates comes into question.

and when they dont innovate, sony comes into question on why aren't they innovating..

either way.. Enjoy your Sony products ;) & Apple :)

TheTwelve3995d ago

Right, Blade. Exactly right. Let's see for ourselves how useful it is before bashing it. I know that the people in my house use SKYPE very much and I've got the new PSP. So we'll see what's up.


Leathersoup3995d ago

Yeah I loved it when Sony innovated the Rootkit...

nn3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

i'm wondering how many still remember that

Lex Luthor3995d ago

Yeah blade, i loved it when sony innovated the exploding laptop battery.

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The story is too old to be commented.