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"Tribes: Ascend is a highly enjoyable and refreshingly quick shooter. It, as a free game, puts the majority of paid first person shooters to shame. Microtransactions are used, for the most part, tastefully, and aren’t too much of a hassle when you remember that you haven’t paid anything for the privilege of playing the game. It’s not completely unique in being a fast-paced FPS, but it implements its mechanics skilfully to create a great online multiplayer experience. Best of all, you have nothing to lose by downloading it for free, so there’s no reason not to give it a shot."

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coolbeans2435d ago

I'll be sure to check this out in the future :). This could very well be my first F2P FPS.

sonicsidewinder2435d ago

It's one of the best fps's i've played in years.

Such a rush.

Moncole2435d ago

This game is great.

Big maps
No campers
No little kids
Takes skill to win

Trenta272435d ago

"No campers" That is why I love it so much. If you camp, you die in seconds.