Call Of Duty Police Warfare concept looks to become reality on Kickstarter

After the video exploded on YouTube, the team behind it realized they had hit on something. "There was such a strong response on YouTube from people who are clearly gamers who want this, which sort of validated our feelings for how strong the concept is," Wallace adds.

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shadowwizard2406d ago

Damn, all those Kickstarter games are getting crazy. I'm glad to see that people are willing to support great developers.

Dude4202406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Unless you already know, you should check out World of Mass Development, a project run by Slightly Mad Studios (Devs of NFS: Shift 1 and 2). It is very similar concept to Kickstarter, except with them you pay for what's called a "Tool Kit" (like pledge) to get privileges.

If you pay, they'll actually let you get involved in testing the game while in development stage and give you a chance to offer feedback.

There's a lot of info about them so I don't want to make this a long post, so read about them here.

irepbtown2406d ago

Definitely will be giving some money to have Police Warfare become a real game.
Hopefully it will make it on console aswell as I'm not a huge PC gamer.

SilentNegotiator2406d ago

I'm glad to see people are willing to part with their money over a big name or two, or some concept videos.

With the right approach, a person can really get rich in this industry.

"In both Heist and Warzone mode players will spawn as one of three player classes: Assault, Sniper or Support (except for $100 backers who will also get to spawn as the secret class and use the secret weapon kit!)."
An indie dev making use of on-disc pre-order that sad or what?

Bladesfist2406d ago

There is no disc its a pc only digital download for now

SilentNegotiator2405d ago


You know what I mean.

FlameBaitGod2406d ago

They still need a lot of money tho :o

t0mmyb0y2406d ago

It literally JUST started. Considering how much Double Fine got, this goal is definitely reachable.

FlameBaitGod2405d ago

You do know they got a month left to get that 300 grand right ? and their not even at 100G's

t0mmyb0y2405d ago

Most projects only run for about a month.

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Eyeco2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

it could be like this ...

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Swiggins2406d ago

All My Support, and all the better now that they've dropped the Call of Duty from the title.

GraveLord2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

They had no choice but to drop Call of Duty from the title. COD is owned by Activision after all.

Anyway I laughed when I read this:

"In both Heist and Warzone mode players will spawn as one of three player classes: Assault, Sniper or Support (except for $100 backers who will also get to spawn as the secret class and use the secret weapon kit!)."

They're actually being serious! Takes on-disc DLC to a whole new level!

chanmasta2406d ago

Thanks for informing us all of that. I'd LOVE to back this game, but that's a big deal breaker to me so forget it.

"This special class and exclusive weapon kit will NEVER be available to the public or anybody else, it's a Kickstarter EXCLUSIVE."

Seriously, did they even think about what kind of reaction people will have to that once the game has been released?

t0mmyb0y2405d ago


Then pledge and get it, advantage you.

chanmasta2405d ago

By the way everyone, I messaged the developers behind this Kickstarter project regarding this issue and they replied quickly with:

Elastic Games says:

"Hi ****!

The class was only intended as a cosmetic one and not affecting game balance. We need to clarify that on the site better and we're working on this. Does it change your opinion? Let me know what you think.


2406d ago
TopDudeMan2406d ago

Are they serious about the people who are working on it?

TopDudeMan2406d ago

Well, they weren't really serious about making the game before it got so much attention, so I was wondering if they were just joking about that.

irepbtown2406d ago

Here is the video, seems pretty real to me...

gtxgamer22406d ago

Hope it doesnt play like call of duty. Surprised it didnt get its influence from PayDay: The Heist

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