PAX East Interview – Talking to the Behemoth [DigtalNoob]

Rose writes:

"Anyone who knows anything about the Behemoth is that they started with a simple flash game on Newgrounds called Alien Hominid, released in August 2002, Tom Fulp being the co-creator (and creator and administrator for Newgrounds) with Dan Paladin (such a bad ass last name) as their artist. It was well received and soon exploded, the game hitting all the consoles at the time; PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, GBA, and XBLA in 2007. Their next game Castle Crashers would be another huge hit, debuting on the Xbox 360, then the PS3, selling nearly three million copies between the two systems.

After splurging a bit at their booth for a pink fighter figurine for my niece (and more), I met up with the guys and gals at the Behemoth booth. The place was crowded with gamers, playing on massive arcade machines, and just as many waiting for a chance to play. Slipping into their booth, I was greeted by everyone and sat down with Emil Ayoubkhan to ask a few questions."

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SleazyChimp2437d ago

I can't believe they didn't ask if there was a sequel in the works for castle crashers! I would love to see another.