The Case for Hardcore

Joseph of - "So often core gamers are seen as those gamers really into the so-called “hardcore” games, you know, the ones rated M (or 18 in the UK) which involve as much gore, violence and profanity as possible."

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Jourdy2882431d ago

I think you'll find this article interesting:

Quite frankly, I don't like to label things- games included. I don't care if a game's made to be simple and inviting or complex and challenging, what's important to me is whether or not it's engaging. It's the reason I enjoy Angry Birds and Halo: Reach. They're both engaging, even though they're so wildly different.

frequentcontributor2431d ago

I think that the "casual" and "hardcore" terms are quickly losing meaning, because I agree that when millions of gamers are playing Call of Duty or Skyrim, it sort of loses some of that "hardcore" luster, and when a different group of millions pours hundreds of hours into Facebook games, then that isn't really casual, anymore. But the meanings aren't supposed to be literal; we've come to classify the games in our lives more for the purpose of understanding where they lie in relation to similar things. For instance, Halo is too complex for my mom, so I'll call that "hardcore." Scrabble is a game that my mom can play on her phone, so l'll call that "casual..."
In regards to meta/self-referential/nostalgi c games, which is what the article is actually about, I don't think they're going anywhere. If anything, the opposite is true, as with more and more gaming history to draw on, those types of games should actually become increasingly more common. We finally have a history to look back on, so any game with pixel art or that sidescrolls is a throwback. We're in a great age for those types of moments, because kids who grew up on NES and later are developing games, now, and that history is important to them. Even if the blockbuster titles are mostly missing it, you can look to a sea of indie downloadable and/or PC games where that sense of history and the inherent humor surrounding it has never been more alive.

pucpop2431d ago

interesting. does this apply to sex too e.g. casual vs hardcore?