CES 2008: Warner did not violate HD DVD contract

Following the Blu-ray press conference Monday afternoon, BetaNews briefly spoke with Warner Bros. President Ron Sanders about the studio's decision to go Blu-ray and a potential lawsuit from Toshiba.

BetaNews: Warner Bros. is involved in the DVD Forum and was involved in the development of HD DVD. You also were one of the first studios to utilize Microsoft's VC1 codec. Toshiba has hinted that you may have violated contractual obligations to them over HD DVD. Are you concerned they might file a lawsuit over this? Do you have a contract in place to support HD DVD?

Ron Sanders: Clearly, [Toshiba and the HD DVD Promotional Group] have reason to be upset... But we fulfilled our obligations to them. That's why we will continue to provide movies in the HD DVD format through May rather than stopping now. They very well could file a lawsuit, but we have done everything that was required of us. We did not violate any contract.

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Darkiewonder3995d ago

[wrong choice of words but eh.]


I like the fact that WB is doing the whole until may release. Sure, they may be trying to keep away from any lawsuit if they stopped but they aren't going to risk it.


THX71683995d ago

I'm sure if they didn't have a contract (and were trying to avoid a lawsuit) they would have stopped releasing in HD-DVD after the announcement.

Dlacy13g3995d ago

WB says they are going to continue to release HD-DVD until May. But will they really? It's going to be interesting to watch what gets released between now and then. Are they just going to slow down releases altogether until after May? Will they release all movies on both formats or will they announce new releases on blu ray only before May? There are a number of ways this could go...and honestly depending on how WB handles could help or hinder possible litigation levied by Toshiba and the HD-DVD camp.

Caliber3995d ago

Warner is under contract to release on HD-DVD until May, and I believe they are going to do so. If they don't, then Toshiba might have a legitimate reason to sue them.

resistance1003995d ago

I think the situation is now Warner will release the Blu-ray versions along with the DVD versions, but HD DVD owners will have to wait a few weeks for there copy. I also expect warner to cut down on the features put into the HD DVD versions

YoMeViet3995d ago

they could just say for technical problems they can't meet deadlines for releases for HD-DVD titles until May...its their choice to release it early or late.

mirroredderorrim3995d ago

Toshiba, cry less. Move on. Make money.

eyeballpauluk3995d ago

i really hate all this filing lawsuits nonsense....nice to see it comes out now after all the news about hd-dvd losing! ill be glad if it does happen, not from a ps3 standpoint, but from a technology it holds more...

and im really hoping they release a blueray version of tranformers at some point..with full HD sound as well...seeing it was ommitted from the hd-dvd version due to space

Marceles3995d ago

Damn...they make it sound like Warner sold HD-DVD's baby for 50 cents to a crackhead

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The story is too old to be commented.