Gamer Euphoria: Fez Review (Xbox 360 XBLA)

Gamer Euphoria staff member Tom writes:

''When a game’s been in development as long as Fez has, you’d begin to wonder if the wait was worth it for such a small title. Considering the asking price of a meagre 800 Microsoft points,it would suggest a lower key, and less than spectacular affair. They’re assumptions that are fair in theory, but the reality is very different;Fez is quite simply a wonderful and pleasantly challenging experience.

The game begins with Gomez, a tiny sprite living in a two-dimensional village, waking from his sleep and being summoned by his grandfather. Here, he ‘inherits’ a Fez with magical properties, that reveal that a 3rd dimension exists and that there is indeed a world outside the village.''

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Fish responded, "Your games just suck," and went on to criticize Japanese development.

Some in attendance criticized Fish for his remarks via Twitter, but Fish himself seemed unrepentant on Twitter today, with a tweet that read: "im sorry japanese guy! i was a bit rough, but your country's games are f------ terrible nowadays."