Will Leon Be Used By Another Beautiful Woman In Resident Evil 6?

Capcom have put up a brief internal interview with three senior members of their Resident Evil 6 team on their community site. Hiroyuki Kobayashi (Executive Producer), Eiichiro Sasaki (Director) and Yoshiaki Hirabayashi (Producer) touch upon a few points of Resident Evil 6’s story and play style, and while there aren’t any major reveals during the talk, they do tease some interesting things.

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Snookies122434d ago

Since when is he NOT? Man he's such a wimp lol! Nah, he's great... Without him, there'd be no RE4, which is the best in the series ever... E...V...E...R......

WetN00dle692434d ago

Leon is the man! Best damn character in the RE series! I mean come one anyone that takes on a Gigante on foot is a beast! Too bad you cant say the same about that "OTHER" character. You know the one that can Punch rocks but for some reason he is too scared to fight the Ndesu by himself, so he needs the help of a beautiful lady and also needs to be sitting behind a .50 cal machinegun.

chazjamie2433d ago ShowReplies(1)
tigertron2433d ago

Replace Chris' new partner with Jill Valentine.

Replace 'Wesker JR' with Barry Burton.

Ditch Chris Redfield's ACTION scenarios with enemy fire fights. Seriously Capcom. Leon's scenario seems to be the only part of the game that is close to what Resident Evil used to be. ZOMBIES.

VanillaBear2433d ago

The thing is though there not Zombies.

Capcom are just using the term "Zombies" to make it look like they've listened to us and moved away from the Las Plagas since one of the complaints in RE5 was to stop having enemies with guns but they can still do this in basicaly there not Zombies, they are just given the term Zombies to make us excited.

Zombies can not use weapons...

Las Plagas can though...

It's a shame to see people fall for this though, Capcom are smart b*stards I'll give them that

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