Confusion over Alan Wake release date, Not 2008 but 2009?

It seems there is some confusion about Alan Wake's release date, amid suggestions that Remedy's title may slip into 2009.

Microsoft's Don Mattrick had stated in a memo sent out to Microsoft's Xbox staff that Remedy's highly promising game would be one of the 360's big-name exclusives for 2008.

However, according to sources within the Finnish developer are now claiming that the earliest we'll see the game is 2009.

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mesh13997d ago

LETS just laugh at this sony site for submitting th false info as we already know its 2008 game cry more trolls alan wake is better than any game coming out for any system

hazeblaze3997d ago

You all act as if this would be the first time executives from any of the three companies were wrong, or misleading, about release dates. Microsoft also misled us on the release dates of Forza 2 & Mass Effect, so this wouldn't be anything new.

At any rate, the devs of the game are to be trusted more than MS execs.... MS execs are reaching to have ANY blockbuster titles for 2008, so of course they want Alan Wake to land in '08. I think it's the only exclusive game most of us will be looking forward to in '08 on the 360... maybe Halo Wars too. Still pretty skeptical of Too Human, but it might be decent too. But no matter how you look at it, we need more games for 08.

Laexerias3997d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

anything of this game, so, yeah it will be the best game ever, like Halo 3, Forza Motorsports, PG5, Mass Effect and every other Xbox360 Game, dude, u are not a gamer, u are a psycho who lives in his own sick world.

sonarus3997d ago

i really hope it comes out in 08 i want to see the gameplay also this is probably the best looking game for the box going into 08 and it dosent seem like they have that much

MrWonderful3997d ago

what if this is the first party exclusive being developed for the next xbox. you think they might have moved it over to the new system?

FordGTGuy3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

doesn't look like a sequel to me.

You guys who are disagreeing are such fanboys. They said the game put on the next xbox was a sequel.

Swatfish3997d ago

..need alan wake 2008 when MS don´t want to lose this year.

InYourMom3997d ago

The 360 has plenty of titles and don't need Alan Wake if they want to take their time and get it right.

Now excuse me while I go look at the sales numbers.. Oh, look here.. Sony is last place and you want to tell me the 360 has already lost?? LOL! Go watch a BR movie or play duderaider or the 1 other good game on the PS3. What is it called Metal of Honor with Aliens?? Oh no, that's Resistance Fall of Man, it's an easy mistake to make sorry about that.

Chaos Striker3997d ago

No, I'm pretty sure everyone refers to Resistance as Resistance. So, your the only moron who actually does that. In terms of watching Blu-ray movies...we can, so what's your point? I do not think it really matters that the PS3 is a multi-media device. Apparently your the one who screams and whines about it's numerous abilities, when that is actually a good thing?

NeonSkull3996d ago

You know i was saying they have lost 08, if you think ms will outdo sony this year your deluded. in 09 whos knows.

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Meus Renaissance3997d ago

It looks like an interesting game but I honestly don't think that it'll be a AAA hit in sales like we've seen with, for example, Bioshock. It'll most likely be highly rated, but I can't see it matching FPS sales.

InYourMom3997d ago

because you are a Sony droid. You are the most subtle troll on this site. You would say you don't think this game is going to do much, even though it has the pedigree of REMEDY working on it.

Chaos Striker3996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

*cough* hypocrite *cough*

Take a look at your avatar then look at what you wrote. I think the connection between the 2 says it all.

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