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Top 5 scariest Silent Hill moments

5 Silent Hill scares guaranteed to have you reaching for a pair of fresh underwear. (PS2, PS3, Silent Hill, Silent Hill 4: The Room, Silent Hill HD Collection, Xbox, Xbox 360)

Dark_Overlord  +   734d ago
I think the sewer from the first game deserves an honourable mention.

Slowly walking down the long corridor toward the end, with nothing around,then about half way down a few loud crashes and you can hear the enemies chasing you. Everyone I've watched play this ran at this point as fast as they could :D
Kos-Mos  +   733d ago
When you`re staring through the peephole in your front door in Silent Hill 4 and the woman stares back at you. You can only see her eyes.
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Kyosuke_Sanada  +   733d ago
=Spoilers Ahead=

Figured Pyramid head rape scene would have been first. In my opinion, it is one of the most disturbing moments in the series but I don't really think it's up there in scare factor. It aroused more curiosity than fear to me with the words "What the $%^@!?" being the number one question to pop in my head of course.

There were scarier moments of this aberration in Silent Hill II such at the evil leer it gives James at their first encounter from behind the bars or the ambush he performs the roof of the hospital. I'm not saying the rape scene wasn't scary but a little overrated due to the sexual themes behind it.

Events that scared me the most was touring the underground asylum of Alchemia Hospital for the first time in the previous Silent Hill, traversing the moving subway train in Silent Hill III (which reminds me of one of my favourite scenes in Predator II), and the unpredictable hauntings in Room 302 in Silent Hill IV (especially the the chilling expression of Walter Sullivan's face in the Silent Hill church portrait).
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Dante112  +   733d ago
Surprised no one mentioned the bathroom stall part in SH3 (Alternate world. Knocked on the stall door just joking around and got a knock back (Me: WTF). Turns to leave bathroom, hears the stall door open and someone run out. Yikes!) or the elevator part in SH2 where you have to get rid of all your items (You're already kinda scared since it's so dark down there and your flashlight isn't helping. You run on that elevator and this loud a** alarm goes off. Scared the crap outta me lol.)
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Winter47th  +   733d ago
Man the bathroom stall in SH3 was the reason I stopped playing that game it was scary as ****
jeeves86  +   733d ago
I thought the Dead Man's Hand quest in SH Downpour was pretty brutal. Same with the Gramophone sidequest.
Morgue  +   733d ago
Buying SH HD Collection for PS3.


Picking up the issue of PSM with the demo disc that had SH on it. Super creepy, nothing like it back then in 1999 and after SH2, will never be created again.

" Siren is sleazy though "
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specialguest  +   733d ago
The first time the radio static started to go off in the elementary school. Without expecting what was about to happen next, you suddenly get stabbed by these short grey creatures emerging from the darkness. That was scary sh*t the first time I played SH1.
Picnic  +   733d ago
I've only played Silent Hill 3 fully but everything about the hospital in Silent Hill 3, both normal and otherworld. In fact, the well known mirror room is possibly one of the LEAST scary parts of the whole level. If it hadn't already been surrounded by chaos perhaps it might have had more effect but in this game I saw it as a relative oasis, like a save room in Resident Evil.
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maniacmayhem  +   733d ago
There's a scene in SH1 where the protagonist is at the school. He walks in the classroom passed a phone that doesn't work and when he's about to exit the phone rings when he picks up its his missing daughter begging for help and asking where her daddy is.

So scary and the feeling of helplessness that a father would feel if that happened.

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