Buxom whores, fisticuffs and barbaric language - The Witcher 2 has it all (Xbox video)

The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings releases next week for Xbox 360 owners, and in case you needed any incentive to stroll into its delights take a look at this video which has some colourful language amongst other things.

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Arts10002382d ago

Every time I see a clip of this game I want it ............. Please port it to sony's black beast !

krazykombatant2382d ago

no no, you don't want a port, you want exactly what the xbox got, redoing the engine so that the game is fully optimized for the ps3. Sadly though, I doubt it will happen since they have a very small group of man power.

However, I believe they said that witcher 3 will be multiplatform and available to everyone.

despair2382d ago

they did expand the size of the studio a while back, so hopefully that means there is a possibility. I think if the x360 version sells well they will consider it. Even if its another year wait I think they should. No one should miss out on this great game, especially if Witcher 3 will be on all systems.