GAME now selling new Mass Effect 3 copies

After not being able to stock Mass Effect 3 during its troubled times, GAME are now...back in the game.

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ShadesMoolah2436d ago

Well, at least they're finally out of the shitter... and surprisingly competitively priced, which is a rarity for Game, or used to be.

Let's hope they now have a competitive edge about them.

bunt-custardly2436d ago

They need to be competitive if they are to compete with the likes of Tescos, ASDA etc.

Also CEX are now selling new games which they never used to.

It's tough out there.

TopDudeMan2436d ago

I think that may be something to do with the new owners business model. They're trying to make it profitable again.

Dark_Overlord2436d ago

Is this just the website or stores too? I visited my local store 2 days ago and found it to still be expensive in there

Gamer19822436d ago

Online only though stores still do not have new games in stock. Went in today and they said they wont have new games until at least the end of the month. Guess the publishers still don't trust them enough.

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mcstorm2436d ago

The biggest problem is games stores there games in store can be up to £10 more expensive than there online store. They need to get the stores and online at the same price point. Im glad game and gamestation are still here though as the last thing we need is more people out of there jobs.

krazykombatant2436d ago

Yeah but at what price. I bet that if tesco or asda are selling the game at around 26-29 quid, GAME will be selling it at 39+ quid. I'm not buying a game from those greedy blokes again.

arnyftw2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

24.99 in the online store.

krazykombatant2436d ago

yeah but what about at retail price?

tigertron2436d ago

Whats funny is that GAME are probably selling it for £40-45 when everywhere else is selling it at £23.

Gamer19822436d ago

Actually its £25 at GAME new but your right I went in for warriors orochi 4 the other day and they wanted £45 PRE-OWNED!

I told them to stuff it. However right now they got a good trade in deal since the stores cannot get stock of games they are running out of games FAST. So for every 3 games you trade they will give you £10 extra trade in value. You cannot trade in 2 of the same game however.

Abuse the system and goto CEX buy up all the £1-£2 games like FIFA and PES and trade them in for some serious trade in value. I traded in £21 of games from CEX yesterday for £65 in GAME. I got 2 decent PS3 games and I was gonna pick up starcraft 2 aswell but changed my mind I left it on a giftcard. I still have over £30 left.

So get some games really cheap using my exploit :)

tigertron2436d ago

I'd take advantage of this but my nearest GAME closed down a couple of weeks ago. =/

Dazel2433d ago

Blockbuster are just as bad, The Darkness 2 £27.99 new and £34.99 pre owned. :/

Glad to see Game back on their feet.