Capcom's SVP Responds To BBB Rating Drop

Cinemablend "In some regards, as a pretty big fan of many of Capcom's games, I feel kind of bad about all the negative press they've received. It's hard to tell right now if it's actually having a negative effect on the overall company, but if the senior vice president gets involved we have to imagine it might be getting pretty bad."

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ShadesMoolah2409d ago

Capcom, shmapcom, all will be forgotten as soon as Resident Evil 6 drops to infect us all.

FlashXIII2409d ago

Until people discover all the DiscLockedContent on the disc like alternative costumes and shit and DLC endings.. then all the hate will start back up again.

zeal0us2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Back in the day Capcom would give you a bang for your buck but nowadays the only thing Capcom banging is your buck.

VTKC2408d ago

I dont think the word hate is a stronge enough word in this case

and after that response he should of asked him "well arent you going to try and redeem the trust in the consumers?"
"Do you think the rating truely reflects the company?"

LOGICWINS2408d ago

"Sorry, but there's no benefit to us (or to our consumers) by commenting on this."

Translation: We don't care because millions will keep buying our games anyways

contra1572408d ago

Capcom is on their way down, shame .

josephayal2408d ago

some stupid things with DLC but they still make great games and I still like Capcom