Top 10 Best Final Fantasy Games

GP: "Final Fantasy is quite possibly the most well-known role-playing game series in video game history. The never ending tales of sorrow, redemption, and giant yellow birds have spanned just about every major video game system from Super Nintendo, to Playstation 1 through 3, and even the Game Boy. But what are the top games in the series?"

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dark-hollow2432d ago

wow a unique top ten FF list!

about time people give some credit to FFVI

CanadianTurtle2432d ago

"About time?"

FF6 has always been getting praise since the day it released. lol

But to be completely honest, I feel as if this isn't a very good list as I have no clue how the heck FF 13 and FFx-2 got there.

ShadowSniper2432d ago

Great list but I think FF7 deserves to be a bit more higher

Yangus2432d ago

Great list!

And one best JRPG-Square-Enix-DQVIII-

XeoZin2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

i never understood ff12s popularity. Vaan is my most hated character in any ff game, and the gameplay was dull for me.
Besides that its a good list i think. Not my exact choices but not bad.

Styxoric2432d ago

X-2 and XIII shouldn't even be on that list. But whatever.

I agree with the rest.

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The story is too old to be commented.