The 15 top must-play co-op games [CVG]

There's always a loser in multiplayer games where you face off against some poor unfortunate staring down the barrel of your gun, but co-op gaming is about making love, not war. You'll love your friends as they save you from the brink of death, puzzle through problems together, double your capacity for mindless slaughter and rack up a bodycount in the thousands. Okay, so they're sometimes about making war.

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mt2432d ago

I am playing MGS peace walker and I gotta say I am having blast with the co-op. it is the perfect co-op for me. I love it, especially the monster hunter X Metal gear.

omi25p2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Splinter cell Conviction has terrible CO-OP.

humbleopinion2431d ago

What? The co-op campaign was amazing in SC:C, better even than the single player campaign and perhaps the most tactical of the SC series when played on realistic difficulty.

This list is quite nice in general, although it's missing on a quick fix of Castle Crashers - Perhaps the best 4 player co-op game I played in recent years.

omi25p2431d ago

Conviction its self is a disgrace to the franchise.

Keeping nothing from the previous games, The graphics were was than Double agent, The level design ment you HAD to kill everyone and the story was predictable Hollywood BS.

humbleopinion2428d ago

I have no idea what you mean by "The graphics were was than Double agent"... but graphics wise the game looked great.

I also don't have the first clue what you mean in "HAD to kill everyone", as I believe I probably evaded 50% of the enemies in the game (especially on the realistic difficulty where it's a good idea to just leave some of them alone).

The single players wasn't the best in the franchise but if definitely added some great new ideas that fortunately didn't keep the series stale with last-gen concepts that conservative gamers who don't want to see their games evolve so highly praise.

The only things I missed was the ability to carry bodies, and the spiesVSmercs mode in the multiplayer. But the co-op campaign made up for that.

rezzah2431d ago

Lame, no Monster Hunter.

CanadianTurtle2430d ago

I haven't looked at the list yet, but Borderlands 1 better be here.

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