Skyrim DLC for random big monster experiences

InEnt writes: When exploring the world of Skyrim for the first 50 hours you’ll find a few random experiences, which depend on the path you take through the latest Elder Scrolls game. These include encounters with certain ice monsters and even assassins wanting your head thanks to the choices you’ve made, but after 400 hours of gameplay we’ve personally felt these random experiences lacking, especially when it comes to big monsters.

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danswayuk2409d ago

I say bring on the big monster experiences, worms from the sand, and massive crabs from nowhere would be cool.

Tonester9252409d ago

I wonder if they're going to follow the Zombie Trend thats been going on

SITH2408d ago

I want to come across random battles that have nothing to do directly with my character. And random large creature attacks that rival dragons is a excellent idea.