The Devin's Advocate: Done with discs

A point-of-view opinion piece from a movie buff.

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resistance1003993d ago

He maybe but im certainly not. Does he relise how long it would take me with a 2Meg connection to download a 1080P film? Then theres the case of what if my HDD fails on me, i have to re download it all again.

pwnsause3993d ago

keep it comming xbots, keep it comming...

chester3993d ago

it's an article with an opinion about digital downloading that i thought would be interesting for some people to read. if you don't like it, fine, but don't try and make me out to be a fanboy. chester97 on psn. add me and i'll kick your ass in warhawk or RFOM. some people still like to actually think about new things. fool.