Guitar Hero II solus for 360

Guitar Hero II is about to be released Solus so all Guitar Hero 3 first timers dont miss out!

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zonetrooper53994d ago

Thats awesome news so I'll be getting this game after all as I have GH3 for the 360. =D

dvx uk3994d ago

You certainly will my friend. As might i :p

ban fans3994d ago

on a similar PS3 release? I've been playing GH3 every chance I get and it would be awesome if they did the same for the Sony box. I don't see why they would do this for one and not the other.

PS - Please don't slam me just because I own a PS3. I have legitimate question. Besides, it really gets old and gets you no where with me. You play your system, I'll play mine. Game on!

dvx uk3994d ago

No word as yet as far as i can see!

I own both consoles so i dont care about all this fanboyism :p (< is that even a word)

Syko3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

It wasn't released for PS3...That's why it wont happen.

Doubt they (Activision) would bother to port it either. Considering they are making about 4 Guitar Hero's this year.

GodsHand3994d ago

The PS2 version has progressive scan option, assuming your tv supports it. Only thing is the guitar wont work. Don't know if the RockBand guitar will work for the older PS2 guitar hero games.

titntin3994d ago

Great news for those that don't have GH 2.
I actually prfer the song list from number 2 and play no 2 more than number 3.
Anyone with hacked firmware can find a hacked version of GH2 for 360 with all the tracks and songs from the PS2 GH1 and GH80's too..

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