This is the real reason project Milo was killed

Peter Molyneux, creator of Lionhead studios and the brain behind games such as Black and White and Fable, recently left Lionhead and Microsoft to start his own studio. Now that he has left Microsoft he’s been talking with the press about his experience there, and the reasons why he left. In a recent interview with develop he talks a bit about Kinect and Project Milo…and it seems that the truth about this cancelled project is finally out.

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Godmars2901953d ago

So basically Milo is complete and sitting on some shelf, buried in a data base, while its creator shames the company that made it?

RedDead1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Pretty much. They may as well put it out there if it's nearly finished, seems like a shi* reason to lose out on some revenue.(And the actual experiment that Milo represents). I mean you could say the same about most kinect games

guitarded771953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

It's really a shame that the game isn't being released... if it's complete, they should put in on the market. Unless it's a real turd, I don't see any other reason for it to be shelved. The money was spent, and to keep it shelved doesn't make them any money to offset the cost of developing it. I don't know if I'd buy it or not, but seeing a team's hard work just sit bugs me for some reason.

Plus, how are they gonna market Kinect on the premise of innovation, and then say a piece of software for Kinect is too innovative for gamers to handle. Doesn't make any sense to me... kinda insulting when you think about it.

Soldierone1953d ago

I don't understand the excuse because 9 out of 10 Kinect games are casual crap and they still sit on the shelf next to COD and supposedly sell fine....

However this breaths light into why this generation is so lackluster in other genres. Why make a super creative platformer than breaks boundries? We have a shooter idea similar to everyone else that will sell millions because it has a gun in it! .....

MaxXAttaxX1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

but with a little boy, so.... yeah....

Who wants to bet that this is just a lie? ;)
It doesn't seem like it would've worked in real time anyway. 

Does anyone really see it being more than a tech demo?
Do we REALLY want it?
I mean, what the heck kind of gameplay is this?!

come_at_me_bro1952d ago

Yeah yeah yeah. I have a hard time believing it's actually complete sitting somewhere collecting dust or that it was close to completion and it was cut because of the risk involved. Pete is trying to paint himself as some martyr for video games right now to market his new indie company, that's it. Fable is far from a murderous shooter and it's definitely successful. Most of its marketing and PR involves anything but its combat or gameplay, it's usually focused on marriage or npc interaction. You honestly think Milo wouldn't appeal to casuals and curious hardcore gamers, especially with Microsoft's marketing power backing it? It was a tech demo to bring hype for the Kinect and that's it. I'm sure they tooled around with the possibility of it working as a game, but Molyneux is a complete hack and probably couldn't design anything worthwhile. Pete, go "change the world" already. Maybe I'll finally live on a planet where Peter Molyneux doesn't make trite overhyped garbage someday.

CommonSense1952d ago

or...Molyneux is full of it. He has been known to embellish a bit. Even Fable 3 doesn't live up to the original vision Molyneux said he was creating with Fable 1.

iamnsuperman1952d ago

"They may as well put it out there if it's nearly finished, seems like a shi* reason to lose out on some revenue"

You have to bare in mind that Microsoft would have to put more money into it for advertising, shipping, general costs to get it on shelves. As it says in the article

"The game (Milo) did work, it really did. But I think that the world – whether that world is retail or marketing executives – wasn’t quite ready for Milo."

Doesn't matter the game is nearly complete. Obviously someone at Microsoft saw that there is little to no market for this type of game and so why have added costs. Who is realistically going to buy this game. It doesn't have the cuteness of kinectimals to appeal to a younger audience nor did it have anything really to appeal to a more mature audience.

ChiVoLok01952d ago

Yeah they could bundle it up with one or two decent Kinect games and sell it for full retail price or bundle it up with a 360 and then release it on Xbox Live.

LackTrue4K1952d ago Show
MAJ0R1952d ago

hahaha onyoursistersback got marked as immature, which it probably was, but that doesn't make it false lol

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TekoIie1953d ago

Has anyone not thought of the simple reason being that if Milo was a game we would all have to agree that it would be the biggest turd in gaming history???

Godmars2901953d ago

I was thinking more that Molyneux was just talking for the sake of talking. That someone with an ego and a known habit for saying thing just to make an interview interesting might have some odd ideas about the word "finished".

And even if it is done its still a game that most likely is too heady for either the COD crowd or kids.

Fylus1953d ago

Was Milo even real? I've heard that it was just a staged event to get people hyped for Kinect.

jeeves861952d ago

There's always Wii Music. At least Milo would have achievements lol

dark-hollow1953d ago

Another promise that Mr.Molyneux didn't fulfil.

Surprise surprise!

Bimkoblerutso1953d ago

His reasoning was that the market would not accept Milo sitting in stores "alongside these murderous shooter games."

He's such a pretentious douche. I don't believe for a second that this game was close to completion. This was just another opportunity for him to play the victim like he has been for the past decade.

MaxXAttaxX1952d ago

I don't see why you/we should care much about this game/tech demo in the first place.
Do we REALLY want it?

humbleopinion1952d ago

There's still a big difference here. While Fable games didn't fulfill many promises made during development, they still came out eventually and turned out to be excellent games: much more original and much better overall than your typical game. The second one especially.

Milo on the other hand is a completely unfulfilled promise (Like BC before it). It started out with tons of hype but then was completely buried without even seeing the light of day and letting the gamers decide if it's actually worthwhile or yet another casual kinect crap.

At least it wasn't a complete waste of time - while I never really cared for the premise, their mega meshes engine was simply stunning and will hopefully be put to good use in future games:

Nimblest-Assassin1953d ago

5 bucks there is a dance mini game in it..

Im sorry I acted like a douche... but after kinect star wars, and the fact dance central is the kinects best reviewed game... I keep viewing the kinect as an accessory for dance games rather than what was advertised.

Granted, it is kind of cool with core games like ME3 and Ghost recon using the kinect, but I would much rather use a controller to quickly select a conversation option, rather than say it. But the vocal hotkeys are a cool idea, but I could never see myself yelling FUS RO DAH or LIARA SINGULARITY! in my living room... it would make me feel really stupid, since Im yelling at home.

TekoIie1952d ago

I really like the gunsmith stuff. Can just sit there and read or play on my DS and just put a command without a controller and it would probobaly be a lot more enjoyable.

N4realGMRZ1952d ago

You can yell it but you can type it? whatever pal....

xAlmostPro1952d ago

Maybe the issue was amongst other Kinect games, this one actually took time to create and actually worked.

Despite what you say all other kinect games are completely on rails and require simple gestures. If this game worked so well people would begin expecting this from all kinect games which would mean longer dev times, probably what microsoft don't want.

As for the comment on how this would look against shooters etc, just look what heavy rain achieved for something some people called a QTE movie.

Although i'm still unsure if this is 100% working/real, look at the angle and how fast she put the paper up the sensor and it was scanned in, less than 1 second at an angle and it was perfect, hmm..

Anyway if it's real he should release it online as a free download :P

-Superman-1952d ago

Its just big lie. It did not work !!!

THESONYPS31952d ago

Why not just make it a xboxlive game (download)? For like $20 it would hbe good like journey

SandWitch1952d ago

Well, I guess the reason for its cancellation is simpler. It was the most boring game ever.

The most impressive thing on that demo is boy's AI and recognition technology, but the gameplay doesn't look interesting at all. I think only some forever-alone-retards would want play a game where you talk to a virtual guy and touch virtual water.

Thatguy-3101952d ago

Well the E3 demo was obviouslyall smoke and mirrors. There is another video where even peter says that its all a trick but that its well done. In this demo we have milo exploring his new home that moved in and what it basically looks like is heavy rain because the game gives you options that you have to choose from and supposedly it creates a different experience with milo base of your decisions. This demo went to show that what they had showed in E3 was just to hype up kinect.

kevnb1952d ago

i think milo is just too creepy.

Gamer19821952d ago

This is damage comtrol and nothing more as they found out somebody was pulling the strings in the back. We all read the articles about people controlling Milo in a back room. But of course he never would admit that as he wants to be known as a top AAA designer not as a scammer. He would never admit his mistakes in an interview like that so instead he's spouting the crap MS wrote up.

Want proof? There's no way MS would have pumped millions into this game and not released it. He blames it on its type and genre? There's games worse out there like Disneyland Kinect etc that sit fine on shelves. Plus MS were damn happy to show off this tech and if it had worked would have sold MILLIONS. There is no way a company who wants to make money like MS would have not put this in shops.

Godmars2901952d ago

Given a bear of his resources, I'd expect him to have a copy.

That, a few "friends" to act it out with - *shivers*

Virtual_Reality1952d ago

That version of AI, the build was scripted and fake.

I was waiting a real Tech Demo of Milo, looks like is not gonna happen at all.

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Outside_ofthe_Box1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

*waits for pedophile jokes* lol

***"It’s just that… what was so hard for some people to imagine is what Milo would look like on the shelves, sitting alongside these murderous shooter games."***

That is a piss poor excuse.

I can't imagine how Just Dance looks on the shelves next to those murderous shooter games. /s

Milo was a great concept and shows the great potential kinect has when it's all said and done. I really hope future kinect games will implement some of the great elements that Milo was able to produce.

StanSmith1953d ago

"I can't imagine how Just Dance looks on the shelves next to those murderous shooter games."

I can. Crap comes to mind!

Seriously though, Milo, while a great tech demo, just wouldn't have a place on store shelves. I mean, who would it's target audience be? What would be it's USP?

MS should have included it with kinect adventures and kinect or just put it on live to download for free. There was no way they could charge for it.

TekoIie1953d ago

What would be its genre lol? Paedophilia?