How Fez's first-day sales compare to Braid, Limbo, and other XBLA hits

GamesBeat has tracked Fez's first-day sales (20,000 units sold) and compared that to other hits from the XBLA library. See where Fez is in relation to Braid, Limbo, and Trials HD.

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acronkyoung2375d ago

I'd be part of those numbers if there was a PC or PS3 version. Instead I'm just waiting patiently.

jimbobwahey2375d ago

I will never be part of those numbers because the lead guy behind Fez (Phil Fish) is a complete asshole. Thanks to his insistence on insulting others games/cultures (even the ones his game pretty blatantly rips off), to telling his critics to "suck my dick" and stating that gamers are "the worst f*****g people" I sincerely hope that they don't make much money at all because they most certainly do not deserve it. Probably the most unlikeable jackass in the indie gaming community.

IHateYouFanboys2375d ago

who cares when the game is awesome? i dont care about developers, i care about the games they make.

Fez is brilliant, one of the best games of the generation IMO.

TOO PAWNED2375d ago

look won't appeal to the masses. Limbo is intriguing for example just because of it's looks.
Shame it isn't on trey as well

Darkieinthemist2375d ago

those sales really arent great at all......

Siren302375d ago

Better than alot of so called triple A ps3 games sell

smashcrashbash2375d ago

Wow where did that come from? Someone sounds like he is getting pretty defensive

AusRogo2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Haha, bit defensive there?

StupidDude2375d ago

Well, that isn't true at all, but, hey, thanks for playing!

units2375d ago

You do know that this is its first day?

lastdual2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Bought it and put in several hours today. The game is well worth the $10 price tag. It's charming and smartly designed (the self-referential atmosphere reminds me of Earthbound), easily more enjoyable than many full price retail games.

Chuk52375d ago

I beat the main path. Some of the puzzles are way over my head, but I still find their complexity admirable in this day and age. 2d/3d may have been done before, but not like this and to this games extent. I put like 7 hours into the main game, and found just discovering new areas and the 2d/3d traversal well worth my time.

Moerdigan2375d ago

I don't have a xbox so I won't be able to play it.

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