Lost Planet - Xbox 360 vs. PS3

Videogamer writes:

"While Lost Planet for the PlayStation 3 isn't quite ready for the public, Capcom has released a large batch of new screenshots of the game in action. After a bit of internet chatter about the screens seemingly looking far worse than the already released Xbox 360 game we thought we'd compare the two directly."

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THC CELL3994d ago

ps3 ftw

looks a hell of a lot better

true tho
spend more time instead of rushing and u get better looking games

Odion3994d ago

so your stance is the author of this is completely wrong.

THC CELL3994d ago

the author could be a x box fanboy like ur self

Odion3994d ago

compared to your unbiased ass?

Daz3994d ago

Or he could be telling the truth and you dont like it.

Whatever didnt like the game anyway lol.

mesh13994d ago

this site is a joke i had to changed and start being even mor eannoying to the ps3 tards that run thsi site and alll the approvers so i can finally get 0 bubble as this site is a sony site sony has no chance 2008 but on this site they sure make u belive its sony year 2008 hahaha 360 is out selling the ps3 bu ton thsi site they make u think its not now this game looks far better than the ps3 version and guess what the ps3 version has had more time in developemnt but it still looks garbage on th eps3 remeber virtual fighter 5 ? when it was 1s shown its looked far better than th eps3 version this site is a joke i stopped really responding much as its a sony troll sight the ps3 will die of this year then ill come back to laugh at this joke of a site

jtmill073994d ago

His first sentence should be the first RED FLAG…….. "While Lost Planet for the PlayStation 3 isn't quite ready for the public, Capcom has released a large batch of new screenshots of the game in action. If it’s not ready for the public how is it ready for a PS3 and 360 comparison????????

ELite_Ghost3994d ago

to me the last pic looks way better on ps3, the building is clearer and sharper, even the numbers look clearer, wtf?

hazeblaze3994d ago

Because in every picture except for the 4th one, the PS3 pics really did look noticeably better. Not sure what about the 360 ones ppl would like better???

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disgaea3994d ago

Why are they comparing the final version of 360 version to a Unfinished PS3 Version?


it would make sense if compare both final versions of the game

The Killer3994d ago

and i removed it from my pc after 20 minutes of gameplay, its that much boring and so slow, just imagine that u r walking a lone in the snow al the time and u cant even run and u have 3 or 4 weapons and u do the same strategy for the few different enemies!

they shoudnt bother with the port and instead make a new game for ps3!

jaja14343994d ago

Shame then that you would miss the fun as hell mini boss/boss fights. And that you would not be able to do all of the great mech fights. But it's your loss...

Charlie26883994d ago

That is odd Mr_Arabic if I recall correctly the entire first mission (your 20mins) is in a underground facility while you are being chaced by a MASSIVE monster...odd I guess you played Lost Planet in the I-hate-This-Game-So-I-Am-Gonna -Give-A-Biased-Comment Difficulty

you should try the Actually-Play-The-Game difficuty

you might like it :)

Fototherapist3993d ago

It was a crappy game on the 360, it'll be a crappy game on the PS3.

The Killer3993d ago

first it started with a big boss fight in like a city then the father of the main character sacrificed him self to save his kid, then somehow the kid got rescued by some people and there is a cute girl there also! then they start to give u the boring missions!! mostly in the snow, i fought some beast that is in the mountain he goes around all the places, and before u get there there is so many flies to keep attacking u! then after some missions u will have to fight the thugs or wat ever who is like bandits etc!! its so boring!!! and all enemies u have to shoot at their stomach where they have the thermal heat thats the strategy u will be using with all creatures there i think, from the looks of it!! i dont have to finish the game to know how it gameplay mechanism is like!! but maybe the story is good because i liked the chick and i did go through the story but gameplay its as boring as hell, at least the forst 30-60 minutes, if later things change dramatically then i might be wrong about this game! and the graphics sucks like hell, its like 3 years old good PC game!! far cry is much better in graphics!!

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scrillakiller3994d ago

well honestly the only thing i can tell is there is mre motion blur in 360 version.this is a port but im still buying it cuz i like the game.motion blur is no prob for ps3 as the best motion blur ive ever seen is in uncharted df

Ju3994d ago

Imagine. The guy in the one shot is running, the other one maybe standing. Well, must be the one game is inferior then.

Kleptic3994d ago

yeah that is the funniest comparison of all time possibly...I love the last pic "the 360 version has a more attractive soft blue effect on snow, where as the PS3 has a cleaner white look"...haha what?...snow is white, isn't it? snow is "more attractive"?...I am going to go cut myself...

moses3994d ago

Yeah, that does sound ridiculous, what I noticed is that the PS3 version was REALLY white, like a realistic snow glare in your eyes >_<.

Muppetmeat3994d ago

What I can tell is that this 'journalist' is a moron. Some things look better on the 360, some on the PS3. Something tells me if the PS3 had more of his precious 'motion blur' he'd be saying the 360 had cleaner and crisper images. There should be some sort of law against anyone writing anything about video games calling themselves 'journalists.' This is getting f'in ridiculous.

venum3994d ago

It's impossible to have a reel idea which version is best with these pictures. Too small. The colour are obviously different. After the difference doesn't look like amazing.
On multiplatform games. The games for each should be balanced so why try to massive differences.
The exclusives games make the differences. you can see how far the developers can go.