Dust 514: What Can We Expect?


"What can we expect from Dust 514?

It’s not an easy question to answer. Developer CCP’s upcoming first person shooter is non-corporeal right now, just a concept and some talking points.

Those of us who couldn’t make the trip out to Reykjavik for the Icelandic developer’s Fanfest 2012 know but a precious few secondhand details, and little of use can be gleaned from the videos and screens that we’ve had a chance to peruse."

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Proeliator2439d ago

Really looking forward to this!! Must get in the beta...

gaminoz2439d ago

Free there's a concept!

Eske2439d ago

I really think this one's got potential, but I wonder how well they're gonna do at the start. No download fee means pretty much everyone will probably give it a look, but if the game doesn't have much to offer at first, then they'll dismiss it and never give it another look.

EVE was kinda like wasn't so hot to start out, then just kept getting better. I hope Dust starts out at a higher point, then goes up even more from there.

C'mon open beta!

TooTall192439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

It couldn't be releasing F2P at a better time. Students will be on summer vacation and waiting for new games. If the game is good and a can get a strong following (very difficult), I will put a lot of time and money into it.

Edit: I'm not participating in the beta cause I don't want a bad first impression. I will play Starhawk instead. If I happen to get a code I will be giving it away here on N4G.

Eske2439d ago

Pretty much. They've got a golden opportunity here; I'd like to see them make the most of it.

Starhawk looks to be all kinds of awesome, too. Like what I've been hearing of the single player campaign with that one, and the beta was fun. Between that and Dust, it oughta be a good summer for sci-fi shooters.

NastyLeftHook02439d ago

these are the trype of shooters i feel are original like timesplitters deus ex human revolution looking foward to this game alot.

TronEOL2439d ago

I'm very interested in this game. The entire idea is amazing, I just hope they can pull it off.