Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition listed, release date revealed

An online retailer has listed a Game of the Year Edition, with a possible release date, for the first-person survival-horror game from Techland, Dead Island.

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MysticStrummer2432d ago

Wow I guess any game can have a GotY Edition these days. I experienced far more bug problems with this game than with Skyrim, and even without them it's not a great game. I'm a huge fan of zombie related entertainment and I felt pretty let down by Dead Island.

MariaHelFutura2432d ago

It shouldn't have a GOTY edition, but Dead Island is a good game.

WeskerChildReborned2432d ago

It was good but the problem i had was that the developers released the game knowing it had problems and online play was basically unplayable for a while which some people only bought the game to co-op with a friend.

guitarded772432d ago

I picked up the game a couple months after launch fro $30, so I missed all the bugs I guess. It may not be GOTY, but it's damn fun. Probably the most fun I've had killing zombies... and this gen I've killed a lot of f#@king zombies :D

MysticStrummer2432d ago

I didn't say it wouldn't be good if it was bug free, just not great. It's pretty repetitive and the controls didn't feel quite right, especially when driving. I just expected better, and the bugs definitely ruined the experience for me. Buggiest game I've ever played by far.

madjedi2432d ago

Dead island is a good game? I have to disagree with that statement completely, but i'll chalk it up to a difference in tastes/your a dead rising fan. Which didn't like.

@guitared Try burn zombie burn or dead nation, 2 of the better zombie games to me.

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GamingPerson2432d ago


Kalowest2432d ago

I haven't experienced any bugs.

WeskerChildReborned2432d ago

Dead Island was a GOTY? Wow that game was so glitchy and annoying with online play.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2432d ago

Hm... If it comes with more content, I'm on it. :) I loved this game! Sure, it had a lot of glitches...but it was very ambitious and an amazing first try at a "blockbuster title".

Maybe include a better story and I'm sold on a second game. :)

Vita3DS2432d ago

GOTY Edition? Yeah right,like a broken,unplayable mess of a game would ever win GOTY.
*Bethesda puts on a trollface*
Yep,it would never happen.

MySwordIsHeavenly2432d ago

Broken? Absolutely.
Unplayable? Millions of people disagree.

Best game of the year? Absolutely.

dark-hollow2432d ago

we have very different definitions of "broken" and "unplayable"

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