2K on BioShock 2: "We have nothing to announce at all"

2K Games said it has "nothing to announce at all" in response to rumours currently doing the rounds online that the inevitable sequel to many gamers' 2007 favourite BioShock will be a prequel and will depict the fall of Rapture.

Although not officially announced, a sequel to BioShock is pretty much guaranteed as a result of the game's surprise sales success.

And rumours surfaced on Sunday from Czech gaming site, which said a source within 2K Games told them that not only was BioShock 2 already in the pre-production phase and scheduled for a mid-2009 release, but that the plot will be set before the events that took place in the original game.

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lynx1halo3995d ago

"We have nothing to announce at all" damn.......not even a little something for all of their fans lol