5 Things The PlayStation Vita Can Improve

PushStartSelect: "The PlayStation Vita is an extremely awesome device and we don’t regret buying one at all. That’s not to say that some things can’t be improved though, and we hope Sony strives to do just that. With a vibrant screen, AAA games, cross platform play, and an upcoming line up that can’t be matched by any of the handheld pretenders, you might ask what the heck can the Vita improve? Well we are glad you asked!"

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Darkieinthemist2141d ago

Exclusive games should be 1-5

Hicken2140d ago

Everybody's Golf, Little Deviants, Shinobido 2, Touch my Katamari, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048, Gravity Rush, Sumioni, Escape Plan, Dynasty Warriors, Reality Fighters, Little King's Story 2, Sound Shapes, Resistance, and others.

They may not all be out yet, but that's at LEAST 14 exclusives within the first year of release.


HarvesterOSarow2140d ago

I really don't understand what the complaint is with the battery life. I've only completely drained my Vita once and it was because I wanted to.

It also depends on what game you're playing obviously. I've sunk 4 hours into Rayman Origins and walked away with around 40% left. But on the other hand, I've lost 50% playing 2 hours of Ninja Gaiden, so it's really the type of game you're running. My DS Lite can only last 4-7 hours now, and the games don't look nearly as good, or shine half as bright. Maybe an update will increase battery life like Apple does with their products, but I don't really see this as a problem.

MasterCornholio2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

I'm just happy that it's better than the 3DSs (based on the comparisons that I have seen) because it would be a shame if it was worse.

Anyways what really needs to be improved is the web browser and the Vita needs a youtube app as well.


MaxXAttaxX2140d ago

I agree.
While Flash isn't possible(since Adobe canned it for mobile devices) a YouTube app and/or a browser update to support HTML5 video would be gold.

dead_eye2140d ago

Check your settings. My vita trophies sync up with facebook and publish stories just like the ps3.

@ come_at_me_bro All portable devices could do with better battery's. The Vita seems to last me for my daily usage at the moment.

Soldierone2140d ago

What settings do you mess with? I've tried everything and it doesn't sync at all.....

dead_eye2139d ago

Try settings>playstation network>facebook

THESONYPS32140d ago

WHat is the tv, desktop thing between the vita and ps3?

MaxXAttaxX2140d ago

I think it's just a screen to show that the same game is playing on the PS3. Cross play.

THESONYPS32139d ago

I found out that its called sonys internet tv. Pretty expensive but best looking tv.

ndl15312140d ago

the vitas browser needs an update NOW . sony is lagging it should have been addressed at launch . i love the browser its quick but dammit no flash ? even the ipod plays youtube so come on SONY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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