Sore Loser? Bill Gates Declares Downloads Are the Future, Not Hi-Def DVD

Peter Martin writes, "Warner Brothers' decision to side with Blu-Ray has caused early HD-DVD adopters to feel like losers while Blu-Ray supporters are gleefully congratulating themselves for their great foresight. On the assumption that the format wars are actually over -- not everybody agrees -- you might think this would be the final nail in the coffin for Bill Gates. He's already halfway out the door at HD-DVD backer Microsoft, but multi-billionaire Bill has always been a positive thinker."

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shotputking3995d ago

this site is getting a little too biased... i don't know if it's based in japan or what, but anything anti-360 is just thrown on here, even if it doesn't make any sense.

bill gates has always touted downloads being the next big format after dvds... notice the great emphasis on xbox live downloads, and the refusal to incorporate either blu-ray or hd dvd into the 360... microsoft had even said they would make a blu-ray add on "if there became a strong enough demand for it"... yes, the 360 has an hd-dvd add-on, but microsoft has no financial stake in the format war either way, so this "sore loser" article is kind of nonsense, becuase downloading movies is picking up steam.

allatain3995d ago

the site is not biased, it just recently a lot of nothing or everything bad has just compiled to make this recent period a time to mock the 360 and its capabilities, Like Live going down, the Sales of the PS3 and the near-loss of the HD-DVD, all which just hampers the idea that the 360 will be a console winner.

and I agree with you on downloadable content, but you would think that if MS had thought about that during production of the 360, they would at least incorporate a Hard Drive instead of making it an expensive add-on

shotputking3995d ago

i believe it was short sighted to not include a built in harddrive, and be able to expand the size with add-ons, but i guess they wanted to keep an untra low end version to try to make it compete with the wii price wise... but that hasn't exactly worked out.

actas1233995d ago

Believe me Sony wants Digital Downloads to succeed just like Microsoft, if not more. Simply because they gonna make more money off of that.. they gonna force everyone to buy his/her own copy and kill the rental businesses... also letting u'r friend borrow the game that u have just finished will be something of the past if DD were to be the future... The consumer doesn't want that and Sony knows what the customer wants in the present, and that what makes them successful. In conclusion, Digital Downloads are not better, in fact, they are worse than physical discs...

bruiser813995d ago

this site is not biased, the ps3 took piles and piles of sh1t slinging last summer its just the 360's turn. Next it will be the wii

OMG 360 RUL3Z0RZ FTW3995d ago

I don't think Sony look too favorably at downloadable content in general. Sony is a hardware company, and also a media company (Sony BMG, Sony Pictures). DLC is all about software, and it's use would negate a lot of Sony's viability within the market (e.g. Bluray players, Bluray discs, also say within standards bodies for current or new hardware technologies). I suspect if Sony had their way, use of DLC would be punishable by death.

Microsoft on the other hand, makes an operating system that is used by ~95% of home PCs in the world. They're not in the business of making hardware players, or physical storage media. They stand to benefit a LOT from the mass-use of DLC. Especially if one is using Windows MCE and downloading from a MS owned/approved service.

godofthunder103995d ago

how can people disagree with someone saying that bill gates been touted downloads being the next big format after dvds,hell just go back and read what he's been saying,he's been saying this for years now and people are calling him a sore loser,hell he made the remark when br came out that if br wins it's no big deal we will just start using br but for now we are supporting hd dvds.people could dis agree where they think where movies are heading but to disagree that bill gates is a sore loser just because br won,hell gates been saying for years that downloading is the next big thing after dvds,hell he said this before br and hd dvd came out and that's a fact and people that click disagree with that is bias and if it was the exact opposite and it was sony they would click agree and i thin that it's childish or they just don't know what the hell is going on.
all people have to do is cheak on the sales of dvds in the last 3 to 4 years and they will that dvds sales are dropping off fast and it's not because of br and hd dvds,dvd sales were dropping off before then and they even included the sales of the new formats.
when down loadable music first came out people said the same thing back then what they are saying now for dvds.people claimed that downloading music will never hurt the sales of cds because the sound of the music isn't as clear as the cds and people like to have the cd in their hands and they were wrong,now cd sales are almost dead and even some music companies are starting to sell songs and even whole cds to download off the internet.
people are saying almost the same thing about dvds now.they claimed that people like to have the dvd in their hands just like they said with cds.some people are claiming that peole want to just put the dvd in and start watching the movie right away instead of waiting for it to download but the truth is that you could start watching a movie about 30secs after you start downloading it.
i'm a movie collector with over a 1000 movie and i could see that movies are heading the same way as cds and we can't stop progress even if you hate microsoft because it's the future.

richie007bond3995d ago

Like i have said before, this site is getting over run with sony drones,there i have said it again......OVER RUN WITH SONY DRONES

whoelse3995d ago

It just there is alot of pro PS3 news to write about and not so many pro 360 news.

Anyway, HD DVD really does seem to be slipping further with Bill Gates dumming down his support for the format.

InYourMom3995d ago

Completely agree! It's gotten so bad that you can't even have a single thread on the 360 section of this site without at least one smart mouthed 15yo punk kid talking nonsense.

Not to mention the NON-news BS articles like this one. Bill Gates a sore loser?? For a man who can wipe his ass with 100 dollar bills I don't think sore loser is in his vocabulary. Besides MS has been all about digital downloads from day one!

Kleptic3995d ago


Sony attempted a downloadable music service just few years ago known as Connect...and it was dropped last year after getting toasted by iTunes...

Sony supports it more or less...the point is though that MS is talking about the "future", and simultaneously keeping themselves from being a runaway success with it...

As it stands right now, in almost every territory except Korea, there is simply not enough bandwidth to support DLC (especially as an HD movie format) on a mainstream scale...Broadband penetration has been increasing hugely for the past few years, but has since stalled in a lot of the world (large portions of the US still don't even have access to it) the same time however its getting to the point where every new tv is some sort of High Def unit...not to mention the DRM mess that comes with DLC at this level...whats the deal?...are we going to rent these HD movies, and not have to worry about space on an HDD?...Netflix already offers that, and it pails compared to standard physical media we download said movies to a physical HDD and are able to keep them, yet not transfer them...and if the 360 is MSs gateway to this future, how many full length HD movies will fit on that $179 120gig HDD? guess is not even the full LOTR extended addition trilogy...this is the future?...maybe, but definitely not in this generation...

people still like physically owning a disc with the movie on it for the most part...and simply put, the 360 is no where near a decent multimedia home theater hub...proprietary disk drives only...fees for the service left and right...DRM protocols that confuse everyone...not to mention all the quality issues that make any knowledgeable Home Theater buff stay far the fanboys shout non-stop...the 360 is for games...leave it at that...

I agree with Gates in that at some point DLC will be all thats around...but not this generation...Blu Ray will eventually be pretty much mainstream...probably not for as long or with the success as DVD (its very unlikely that people will completely repurchase all their movies on BD, like VHS owners did with DVD...but most will probably gradually start purchasing new movies on BD instead of DVD)...

furthermore Sony is also working on movie content for the PSN...and Sony has is its hooks much deeper in the film industry in the first place...MS has failed to control everything in digital distribution except for the OS market...they dabbled with music store stuff...and failed...Windows Live as a service is crumbling due to no one using it...XBL is doing great in the console market, but for gaming mostly...not as a movie or music download service (for example look at itunes downloads compared to movie or music downloads on xbl)...if anything is clear, it is simply that Microsoft will continue to not be at the helm of any of these future endeavors, but will more or less quickly get in and out of each market, and be "involved" with other companies to support a certain service...for a while anyway...

PhiI Harrison3995d ago

Not everyone has an internet connection, and the movies take too much memory. Who wants to carry around hard drives instead of BD cases? They are way to delicate to be transported. You also have to worry if the device can support the video format, which sucks. I would rather buy movies at a store than online.

n_n3995d ago

microsoft will get royalties for their codec that EVERY HD-DVD disc encodes in, so they do have a stake in it

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resistance1003995d ago

So does that mean MS are backing away from the HD DVD camp?

mighty_douche3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

Still they never really backed HD-DVD fully, they did it to be a thorn in Sonys side, nothing more.

EDIT @ ReBurn, so if i ask the average guy in the street who backs HD-DVD they'll say "M$, they wrote the HDi dont you know". Oh yeah and all those HD-DVD posters and ad campaigns tell everyone how big a backer M$ are dont they.
Remember not everyne who buys movies reads internet forums etc, they know from posters, ad's, movie cases, things like that.

ReBurn3995d ago

Never backed it fully? They wrote the HDi software used in HD-DVD players.

It doesn't get much more full than that.

fresco3995d ago

Bluray (and hddvd) uses Microsoft's VC-1 Codec.

lodossrage3995d ago

And someone STILL gave him a disagree? WTF is wrong with people?

Kleptic3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

MS was the last big company to get behind HD DVD and more or less fueled the fire from the beginning...they have enough money and power to persuade other companies to get behind them also...if MS had supported BD from the beginning, the war would probably never have started...and that would have all been money in Sony's pocket...and all would have happened right around the PS3's launch, all of which would not be good news for MS's gaming devision (this relates to PC gaming also, which has been on the decline nearly this entire decade)...

MS does this kind of stuff a lot...the only thing they have complete control over still is operating systems...they still control so much of the market that others are not even worth noting...yet they sort of half-ass getting into other forms of digital entertainment...and have a pretty bad track record of getting something to stick...they sort of still have a music service linked with WMP, that is terrible...XBL is the most robust console online environment right now, but for gaming and nothing more...the Xbox line is the first hardware device line that has shown growth (not including their computer peripherals...but definitely including the Zune)...but even with that investors and analysts are often unclear of what exactly they are trying to accomplish...a rushed 360 with horrid quality problems, and rumors of shortening console lifespans (something developers/publishers will be very vocal about if it does continue...notice how quickly MS has dismissed claims of a new xbox announcement coming soon)...and a very twitchy stance on physical media versus DLC (they say DLC is the future yet offer absolutely nothing more practical over physical media currently)...and it goes on and on...

don't get me wrong...I like MS...I continue to love windows over every single OS available...and was an avid PC gamer until I simply couldn't keep up with the upgrades anymore...what I dislike about MS is their nickle-and-diming about digital entertainment...they have yet to make one service of any kind that absolutely holds the market in a competitive environment...they make services and software that work and are worth the money, but only because there is nothing else to challenge it...when ever they face strong competition in a certain market, except for operating systems, they more often than

take XBL for example...XBL is growing at a great rate...but what competition does it have?...the PSN?...barely any of the mainstream consumers even know what that is yet...If XBL has this big of a margin of users over the PSN at the end of this generation (and is still regarded as "vastly superior), I will take the egg off my face right then and there...and fry it for you guys...

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HarryEtTubMan3995d ago

Too bad Bill Gates doesnt control Sony, Warner Brothers, Disney, Samsung, LG, Phillips, Panasonic,Columbia pictures, Tristar, MGM, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures, Apple, Dell, HP, Sun Microsystems, New Line Cinema... ans a lot more...since when does Microsft make the call when HD formats isnt the future and downloading everything(which I don't want whatsoever) is "the future". I think because they lost.... they wish Digital downloading was the future. There will ALWAYS be an alternative and that all digital distribution will be. Its not like u will never be able to get a physical copy of a game or movie 30 yuear from now. Thats retarted. Microsft just wants that but fortunately other companys(like Sony) have far more power in the Entertainment industry...this is just a option for Microsft... its not like they have a choice what Blu Ray is doing. lol

PureGamer3995d ago

DD wont happen for another 10 years or so, so ye it is the future the very far future that is.

shotputking3995d ago

netflix just announced they are releasing a set-top box to download movies, and there are rumors that blockbuster is putting an end to their B&M stores.

chester3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

it's happening right now and only going to get bigger.

ReBurn3995d ago

Digital distribution is going on now. Warhawk, anyone? All of those downloadable games on XBL and PSN? iTunes? Digital cable and HD on-demand movies? Digital distribution is here now, not coming. As bandwidth and storage size increases it is only going to get bigger.

zafeiriou3995d ago

I don't see this technology replacing High Def discs. People will always prefer something they can physically hold.

fresco3995d ago

Divx anyone? A format you can exchange, store in your HDD and burn to play on most recent home theater systems on the market.

Blu or HD-DVD was never going to be as big as dvd.

TANOD3995d ago

oh really???

Then how come we dont see HD movies RELEASED officially by WARNER/any studio excepting the PIRATED ONES released on some torrent websites

The DD is not even full HD

You rent a movie for 6$ for a span of 3 days.

why would i do that when i could get a BD disc for 10$

DD ????

How many movies are purchased at LIVE??

almost nothing

This is a potion for MS to soothe its defeat in the format war.

How shortsighted are they ?


i WOULD NEEd a FULL HDD to store an HD movie of PLANET EARTH. why would i do that? why would i go for rental in the first place?

BLaZiN PRopHeT3995d ago


um if you look on the market place fox and disney bother release their movies on the market place and its only a matter of time before warner signs on. they make millions on MArket place download they are excecting to make a 100 million in the first year and thats MS not their partners so itll be even more.

stop being a biased fanboy

InYourMom3995d ago

Agreed!! It is happening right now..

Now excuse me while I queue up 10 or so Blu-ray movies on the net..

n_n3995d ago

until the average consumer can download a high quality full length film in less than 15 minutes.. it won't become the standard for a while. there are people still using dial-up all over the place. there's still a few more years before this becomes popular.

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Meus Renaissance3995d ago

I have admiration for his achievements but the suggestion that Digital Downloads are the alternatives to physical format discs right now is just hogwash. It is the future. But that's all it is. The future.

BrianC62343995d ago

I don't like digital downloads at all. I've had to help too many people I know deal with downloaded software. Mostly anti-virus software. They let you download it but then it's more complicated to install. At least for the average user. Better to just buy the CD version. At least you have a disc to go back to if you need it.

As for movies, no thanks. If you only want to watch it once get it on pay-per-view. If you want it for your video library buy it on a disc. I don't think digital downloads are that good of an idea.

Now, if they want to give us .iso's of discs we can download and burn to our own disc I like that idea. I don't see them doing that though. And if they do it would make it easier to bootleg everything. So I think I'll stick with disc copies for now.

ravinash3995d ago

Bill Gates has had a lot of great ideas for the future and on how to improve technology.
However he seems to get so wrapped up in his own vision that he does not bother to find out what the customer wants. A prim example of this is the HD media business.
Wouldn't it be better to look at the market and see who is buying what and than go with that, rather that seeing the confusion is caused by the competing formats and keep propping up the losing one to prolong the war so that in the end both lose. and in steps MS with their download media that most people don't want or need.