Tech-Gaming | Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention Review

Although endorsing a double-dip can be a dicey proposition, the title’s wealth of supplemental content and capacity for controlling Mao, Raspberl, Almaz on the go makes the prospect of Detention indisputably blissful.

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madmad2319d ago

Great review. really well done.

RaptorMan2319d ago

Pretty solid score.

One question: whats the best Disgaea game to start with? Can you jump into this one?

I've never played one.

deserteaglexix2319d ago

You might want to start with the Afternoon of Darkness which is a PSP title you can play on the Vita.

Still, this provides enough help so you can get through the game. You just might miss some of the references in the cameos.

clearelite2318d ago

Thanks, I've been wondering the same thing.

clearelite2318d ago

I've been wondering about that, because I really want to try this series for some reason.

CharmingMan2319d ago

You can get it right now in NY.

Darkieinthemist2319d ago

a better rpg than witcher 2 for me and a better port

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