The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition I The Married Gamers

Last year when Xbox 360 gamers were dodging arrows to the knee, PC gamers explored the world of The Witcher 2. Now available for the 360, does it do the PC version justice? David Chapman of The Married Gamers finds out in this review.

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Darkieinthemist2406d ago

the game isnt a 9.8........but I guess I cant expect reviews to get these things right

NYC_Gamer2406d ago

What new game released is a 9.8 in your opinion?

MagicAccent2406d ago

If 'any' game deserves a 9.8, it is this game.

kaveti66162406d ago

The metric for reviewing has changed. Knock 10 to 15 percent off the reviews for most highly marketed titles like Halo or Cod or Uncharted or GTA and it makes more sense.

NewMonday2406d ago

how dose it compare to the PC game?

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SuperBeast8112406d ago

too bad they couldnt get around to porting part 1

NYC_Gamer2406d ago

part 1 could be released on console via xbl/psn later on

GamingPerson2406d ago

PC devs always bring top quality games and ports to console.
the other way around? :(