New Apple Mac Pro: Eight Cores, Support for Eight 30-Inch Cinema Displays

Gizmodo writes:

"Apple's got a second release that just hit the wires: A Mac Pro with two intel 45nm Quad-Core Xeons at up to 3.2GHz each. An 8-core config is standard. The front side bus is humming along at 1600MHz now, and RAM at 800MHZ. The computer also comes standard with ATI HD 2600 XT graphics with 256MB of video memory, but can be upgraded to support NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT with 512MB of video RAM or a Quadro FX 5600 with 1.5GB of memory. Support for 4 video cards at once means the Pro can drive eight 30 inch cinema displays at once, like before. Comes with the aluminum keyboard that debuted with the iMac. And eight cores for $2799 ain't bad."

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Cartesian3D3934d ago

nice to see support better graphic cards.. now its a good deal for pro users who want to be a gamer as well.. :D

apple FTW! (after using Intel processor and multi OS support *Bootcamp* )

mighty_douche3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

Have a Mac Pro here at work, its a great piece of kit but really over priced!

Also have the 30" monitor, which i absolutely love! (and its great for watching the footy at work ;))

BloodySinner3934d ago

Woah... Now this is serious business.

Guardian0fPeace3934d ago

He'll say ps3 pwns this computer, lol!

novaIS3503934d ago

The one thing the PS3 does own this Mac in is bus speed and memory bandwidth, both of which are vital to future computing. PC's and Mac's won't match the PS3's even xbox360's memory bus speeds for a couple more years. the RAMBUS XDR memory module in the PS3 runs at 3.2 ghz (3200mhz), with the possibility of scaling to 4-8ghz. Compare that to this systems bus, and it still dwarfs it by a longshot. One could argue Cell's 7 cores are more suited towards certain types of processing, but it still gives intel's kentsfield and woodcrest processors a good schlacking in benchmarks. There is one thing we can't argue though is that the memory size and expansion slots for multiple GPU's just kills anything on a console.

Guardian0fPeace3933d ago

...that ps3 owns all other computers in every single aspect, even graphics capability, it's just funny. The ps3 and 360 are both amazing systems, and pretty much equal, though one triumphing over the other in graphics slightly, and the other triumphing in physics slightly. Course, when you break it down to costs, a console is actually more cost effective. To get a PC capable of what the ps3 and 360 do, you are still looking at about double the cost of the higher ps3, I'm just sayin for those hardcore PC gamers out there, PC's can still be brought up far higher than either console, but at what costs...ya, I'm happy with my quadcore slightly surpassing the 2 systems at graphics, but I am in no position to spend 600$ on one freakin 8800ultra, thats just stupid for me.

P.S. the SPU's or whatever they're called are not full-fledged cores though, but they do have their uses in gaming, each one is limited, thats why theres 7, each one to take up one task, where as full cores would handle probably 3 or more just as well, but they cost more, the 7 SPU's are pretty much good enough, as we can all see in certain ps3 games that have already hit shelves and ones that are on their way...

Silvia0073934d ago

All a mac really does is photo editing, video editing, and... help me out here. Can't think of much more. Besides, my pc may not have 8 cores but it does have 4 cores running at 4ghz fsb at 1800mhz and memory at 900mhz 4-4-4-12-1t and I'm just mid range when compared to other OC'ers so besides the 8 cores, it's not really all that great.

Bonsai12143933d ago

have you considered how much horsepower it takes to edit and process a 1080p movie? or how much juice is needed to run final cut pro and use motion? that's the reason the mac pro is used almost industry wide for ever media project.

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The story is too old to be commented.