Polytron acknowledges "pretty serious" bugs in Fez

GamesBeat details some of the game-crippling issues that hamper indie-darling Fez. Developer Polytron responds with an acknowledgement of the problems and talks about a patch.

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JeffGrubb2433d ago

After shifting a room, my character fell out of the world and kept warping back to the same spot so that I was falling over and over in a loop. I had to time my perspective shifting perfectly in order to catch him and stop the endless suicides.

Chuk52433d ago

I had some bugs and they should be fixed. But overall (having just beat the game), I think Fez is an excellent game. If anything, it's biggest problem is that some puzzles are a little too obtuse ( THAT F****** TOLL BELL), but that's really the best substantial problem to have I guess. Better some parts of it be Castlevania II-esque in their difficulty, than be as easy as Ninja Gaiden III.

acronkyoung2433d ago

Aw man, I'd rather they be spending their time making a PC or PS3 version than having to fix a bunch of bugs, but these are pretty necessary to fix. Bummer.

proghouseman2432d ago

I experienced the game breaking and save file corruption bugs. Here was my letter to Polytron.

I went into a room in the 4 cube world where there was just a green worm. The game froze and now when i select continue it crashes the game. The irony of a game resembling the days of the NES so authentically it has save file corrupting and game breaking issues aside, it sucks to have to start over. I will wait for a patch because I like your game and want to finish it.