Tribes Ascend - Korea 'Give me the flag' Fan Trailer

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube’s member ‘uuiz’ created an interesting trailer for Tribes: Ascend that focuses on its ‘Capture The Flag’ mode. It looks pretty cool and is packed with some interesting kill-shots, nice montage and great music."

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Trenta272432d ago

Very fun game. I just got done getting my butt kicked, but I'm having a blast. Literally. XD

StayStatic2432d ago

Yer i can't wait to get stuck into some more tribes , not played since beta though bit busy at the moment , has it gone live ? might be confusing it with another IP.

Trenta272432d ago

It has gone live. It's very well done with very few issues.

ATi_Elite2432d ago

At the 2:56 point............that's me like every 30 seconds when i play Tribes Ascend!

"Pew Pew POW" "Aaaaaaaaaaaw" (Blown-up and drops flag)

I'm having fun though and I'll get better!