The end of HD-DVD?

Further shenanigans from movie studios puts the future of the format in doubt. Speculation is rife at CES 2008 that Paramount is about to jump ship from HD-DVD and become Blu-ray exclusive, just as Warner Bros. did several days ago.

According to The Financial Times the Viacom-owned Paramount has a clause in its contract with the HD-DVD group that would allow it to ditch the format should Warners favour Blu-ray. However Paramount has issued a denial that it is about to abandon HD-DVD.

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lynx1halo3933d ago


Jack T3933d ago

Blu-ray will die in a couple of years when HVD comes out.

Because HVD has a bigger storage capacity that means it is better. Don't argue Sony fanboys as that was your reason for saying Blu-ray was better than HD-DVD.

How does it feel knowing your baby Blu-ray has a congenital heart disease and will have a brief life expectancy?

ROFLatYoFace3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

.. win a format War if you have no studio support?
Did you not learn a lesson from HD-Dvd's defeat?
and quite frankly by then, people will not be ready to change format.

Is HVD the future, sure it might be, but the near future is blu, and you will just have to live with that.

resistance1003933d ago

HVD won't get into the Film market, just a specist (sp) storage medium at best.

What actually makes you think film makers will switch to and support HVD so soon after blu-ray?

Kyur4ThePain3933d ago

While I understand what you're trying to do, you surely realize that the entertainment industry can't afford to change formats every two years. That would be financial suicide, not only from a development point of view, but also because customers would not accept it.

So, even though there might be a format with more storage available in the near future, it won;t be used as a replacement any time soon.
The entertainment industry has had to make a painful decision between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD and the chance of going through the process again is very slim (at least in the near future).

So hold on to that obviosuly is the last bit of an anti-Sony "high" you have left.

actionjackson3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

Not really. If Blu-Ray is exclusively the only HD media platform for a few years, then it will be very difficult to introduce a new format to trump BR. Imagine after DVD gained steam, and three years later a company released a disk with more storage space? It simply wouldn't fly. Simply adding more storage space is not the key. More storage doesn't necessarily bring anything to the table. The difference between DVD and HD-DVD/BR was significant to allow for HD content. But when HD content is easily put on a BR disk, then what's the benefit for more storage space? Not to mention that the maximum size of BR is going to increase soon.

Also, don't forget cost. I'm not talking about cost of production, but the cost of filling up a huge disk with information. The problem a lot of studios are having is not that they don't like storage space on a disk, but when there is too much, then then consumers will demand that they fill the disk with information. Adding that much information would costs tons of money to studios and developers, just for a simple disk. Unless studios and developers are planning on releasing multiple movies or games on disks, the 100GB BR disk should be plenty for at least 7-10 years.

ravinash3933d ago

The planned life span for BlueRay is about 10 years, by that stage we will be moving to HD storage and download, even MS are moving towards this.
HVD has missed the boat.

dabizo3933d ago

Does someone need a hug? lol

Funny how HD DVD was going to win - then fanboys said both formats would remain when they saw things weren't going quite as bad for the PS3 as they hoped.. now Blu ray is the obvious winner and the story changes again - now its all going downloads...

Sony have won this format war - great I will buy bluray and when downloads are available and if the UK ever get above 8mb broadband I will go that way too - but FFS admit Sony have won - like the old saying goes slow and steady wins the race ;)

I am glad bluray won - as far as storage goes I will be able to burn 100gig on one disc soon - cool :)

Ashta3933d ago

I mean, I know you guys are upset that you -lost- to the Blu-Ray format but you don't have to act like a bunch of sore losers. I'm pretty sure I could go back to about the end of november and early december when the comments on this site said nothing but "Transformers and the HD-DVD stand alone players will trounce the Blu-Ray format. HD-DVD is the wave of the future!"

But now that your all facing defeat all of a sudden HVD is supposed to be the knight in shining armor of HD media? OR if your really grasping for straws you think that digital download media is the real future of entertainment.

Yeah, right.

Let me enlighten you on what the HVD is. It is a Holographic Versatile Disc which is pretty much a super futuristic video technology. HOWEVER, the HVD is not and has no plans to EVER be geared towards the mainstream consumer market. Why? Because the HVD is ridiculously overpriced. Think $1000 dollar BR players were steep? Try the initial costing players to be around $15,000 for a single player while the discs themselves will range in and around about 150-200 bucks a disc. Due to the fact that the creators aren't gearing it towards a mainstream media type of format they are looking to use it for corporate and enterprising needs.

Ya know, big corporations who actually NEED all that 3.9 Terabytes of storage. Yeah, HVD would be awesome but it is NOT going to be introduced to the basic consumer in the near or even farther off future. Possibly never.

As for Digital download media....yeah, it has a niche following but even so I do not see it replacing hard copies of entertainment. The only viable Digidownload service that is respectible is already introduced to the mainstream via cable companies but even that hardly puts a dent in the overall sales of DVD and HD disc media. DDM has a long ways to go before it can even begin to think about replacing hard copy media.

Anyways, you have been "schooled" in the proper methods in which you can -now- go around and comment on something as if you actually knew what you were talking about. Because until my comment? you just looked like an idiot.

mistertwoturbo3933d ago

"How does it feel knowing your baby Blu-ray has a congenital heart disease and will have a brief life expectancy? "

Well how does it feel knowing your sperm HD-DVD is going to be dead in ohh a matter of months? That "baby" Blu-Ray is going to grow up. While precious little red riding hd-dvd will be in a black coffin.

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hahahabutt3933d ago

Man why do people on this site post so much rumor articles and crap ones?? If it's not real news about real annoucments from major companys, or not a article with the ceo or game designers at that is speaking, then dont bother posting!!!! Show's how this site is going down the drain.

ROFLatYoFace3933d ago

If the site is going down the drain, why are you on it?

rawd3933d ago

"Show's how this site is going down the drain."

This coming from someone named hahahabutt

hahahabutt3933d ago

I just came on today, I have not been on here in a long time, This site was the best when it didnt have the normal public able to post dumb stuff. I came back sad to see it going down, this is my last day on here. Until they fix all the crap that fanboys post, especially Xbots and PS3 droids, then there is no need to be here, especially with sales figure. Like no one didnt care about that When Nintendo and Sega was the king of video games. Its beat. lol anyway asta la vista...

chester3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

can we stop with all these stupid articles that say the same thing over and over?

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