Passionate gamers are not entitled crybabies

Certain individuals have tarred others as overgrown man-children who make too many demands over the products and services they buy. And it's really starting to get on this Bitmob community member's nerves.

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Spazz2407d ago

I don't like this guy's writing style but he's right. It's ludicrous that a company like Bioware would put out a great product then shit on the last 10 minutes of it. They really should be ashamed of themselves and YES, the hard working community that supported their company do deserve better.

That ending wasn't creative art. That was either EA pushing Bioware to hurry up and release the game or it was Bioware thinking they could make an extra buck releasing the real ending as paid DLC.

Well guess what. It backfired into their faces. They pissed off their loyal fan base for whatever reason and now need to rectify the problem. So yes, as a paying customer I am entitled to a better product than what was offered from a triple A title like Mass Effect 3!

Simon_Brezhnev2407d ago

TBH I think it was more Bioware than EA with that ending. Since they got so much freedom under EA. No matter how people put it Bioware been shit since DA2. Every sequel they change basically the whole formula. When i played and beat DA2 when i beat it i thought i was at the halfway point and boy i was wrong and pissed off.

stragomccloud2407d ago

I think it's more to the point, that the ending was a rush job. The ending we saw was not the original ending. The entire story was leaked, and they wanted to surprise people, so they made a new ending. Honestly, I really think that they should just go back to the old ending.

vortis2407d ago

I respectfully disagree. I think it was EA more than BioWare.

All before BioWare got under EA they NEVER, and I mean, NEVER attempted bullcrap like they did with this game and other games released under EA's label.

Play the first two Baldur's Gate games or Knights of the Old Republic...we weren't dealing with this kind of stuff at all. However, EA has been pulling these kind of shenanigans for a long time, so I'd rather believe it was them pulling strings...not BioWare.

Baka-akaB2407d ago

it's too easy to blame EA . I dont see any business angle for EA to decide what bioware went with . Either way for EA , with an ending that would be deemed good by fans , bioware would be pumping out post end dlcs

TronEOL2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

There's a difference between passionate gamers and cry-babies, yes. But a lot of the people who complained about the story (ending-ish area) not making immediate sense to them didn't take the time to actually pay attention to how certain situations worked out, or could have worked out.

I was mostly* fine with the ending because I was able to assume how certain things played out. Sure, it would have been nice to have gotten some visual feedback on my assumptions, but I know what I know.

I don't always need a picture to show me what happened, or have someone heavily narrating the events, or plot.

And yes, for this specific situation, I think it's fair to say everyone feels they absolutely deserve the best, and Bioware did them wrong by putting thousands of hours of their irl time into making a fantasy-for-fun product for everyone to enjoy. But god forbid they make an ending that the gamers don't like, they must change it!


The passionate fans of the series probably took the time to actually SEE what happened in the game. Doesn't matter if they raged first, but they eventually saw what actually happened.

And for everyone complaining about Red-Green-Blue, ME2's ending gave you Blue EMP or Firey explosion. At least they gave us one extra colour, and depending on all the variables, it actually makes the ending very different. Regardless of what you see with the VISUAL feedback.

And I'm not saying the ending is perfect, since there is a lot I would have loved to see (like the aliens you allied with in battle at your side). But it's not nearly enough to get THAT upset over. Maybe Bioware missed a few steps. So what? They'll learn and make better games in the future.

Spazz2407d ago

They obviously are not learning to make a better game. As aforementioned, DA2 was a huge let down. SWTOR isn't as good as it could be. Bioware is drastically getting worse and it's effect on the paying customers' decision to continue to support them as a triple A game developer. Bioware used to be an example of quality. Now they are crap and their games do not deserve to sell for $60 a pop.

aliengmr2407d ago

You are actually misunderstanding the actual complaints, whether out of spite or ignorance I'm not sure.

It comes down to 2 kinds of people. Those like yourself, who don't need to "see" things and those who do. You are flat wrong that people didn't understand the ending. If you actually want to know the complaints about the ending there are plenty of great videos pointing it out.

Now, ME2 had 2 colors, yes, but the ending varied a lot depending on who lived and died. Most, like myself, just assumed the final mission was going to be a crazy version of ME2's suicide mission, we were wrong. In the suicide mission you utilized the entire squad and had to make a couple key decisions. ME2 was the second game in a trilogy, so the fact is it couldn't have wildly different endings because it had to lead into the third game.

ME3's ending is not wildly different at all. except Big Ben being destroyed and what happens to the reapers. In fact the footage itself is all the same except the color, hence RGB. There is the breath scene, but just try and explain that.

The fact that BioWare dropped the ball on what was the most important ending of all their games is actually a big deal. You don't end a trilogy ME with more questions. There was no actual resolution at all. The main antagonist of ME2 was mostly cut from ME3 to make room for a character that know nothing about, except that it controls the Reapers. Then we are forced to pick one of the spacebrat's three choices. What follows is about 5 min of footage that is supposed to end the entire trilogy.

At worst it was complete incompetence and at best pure lazyness. There is not going to be an ME4, this is it. Leaving unanswered questions is one thing, creating a shitload more is something else. look at the ending of Inception, it leaves one question in your mind at the end. ME3?

Why was Joker fleeing?
What planet is that?
Where are the rest of the crew?
What about the armada at Earth?
Do Garrus and Tali starve?
How does the green ending work?
How does the blue ending work?
Shooting a tube with a pistol destroys the Reapers, how?
Why did Shep walk into said explosion?

I could go on and on. That is NOT how you end a trilogy. Happy or sad, you don't create more questions when you are supposed to be answering them.

You liked the ending? Great. Many didn't and have many reasons for not liking it. If left unchallenged how does BW learn at all from their mistakes? If everyone stays quiet how will they know?

violents2407d ago

oh yes entitled man children.

Ok i can see being angry about paying for supposed "dlc" when it's plainly already on the disc, or being given a broken game that wont work properly until it's patched.

However with this ME3 ending thing, if your bitching that they should change it than yes you are an entitled manchild. If you buy a book and don't like the ending do you send hate mail to the author until it is changed to your liking or would you just chalk it up as bad book and be more cautious before you buy that author again.

And frankly I don't even think its the fact that people were complaining that makes them considered "entitled" but the way in which they made their arguments made them seem as if they were 4 yr olds stomping their feet and throwing a tantrum until they got what they wanted. Simply due to that if i were running a company and my supposed fans acted in a manor such as that i wouldn't be so willing to comply.

omi25p2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

A book is nothing like mass effect 3, In a book the reader has no influence what so ever to the story, they are simply along for the ride.

A book doesn't sell millions of copies due to the fact you can make major and minor decisions and alter the story.

Mass effect however is a game built to make choices. The whole franchise revolves around the ability to choose how the story plays out.

The main reason the game is so popular and sells so well is because you can make choices.

Bioware Openly said that there are multiple different ending and can take place in multiple different locations. It does NOT.

They said every single decision be it small or big has a major effect on the outcome of the game. IT DOES NOT.

They said no two players will have an identical outcome. Everyone who played mass effect 3 had the same outcome excluding a colour.

So if like me you bought all three games, played every single DLC, made every single possible decision you can possibly make though out the entire franchise you will still get a near identical ending to someone who has only ever played mass effect 3 and only did the main missions.

So yes, if a company ADVERTISES a game to be all about the players decision and it isn't then gamers have every right to moan. They could even sue for false advertising. So don't start acting as if everyone who complains about how BIOWARE screwed everyone over is just a whiney man child because they are far from it.

They are people who are passionate about a franchise that would excist if it wasn't for how passionate they are and only end up getting screwed by getting sold a product based on a lie.

(I do disagree with the hate mail and Death Threats some Bioware employees have faced)

violents2404d ago

without a story there is no game. therefore every game is like a book. Its a story with interactive portions.

Being passionate for a series that you have invested time in is great, however all the ways I have seen people complaining about this is in no way anything close to what i would consider to be a civilized way to make complaints known. All i have seen is entiltled man children stompping their feet and saying gimme gimme, and then sending death threats and all sorts of other less than reputable actions towards they're supposed favorite game company.

I really loved the socom series until slant six fucked it all up. Did you see this community rise up and cry and stomp our feet until it was made to out likings, no. when the series took a different direction and people were displeased with the product they saw what they did wrong with bad sales numbers. As far as i know no one was sending death threats to slant six over that but hey i guess im too grown up to feel that entitled.

2407d ago
Saladfax2406d ago

The one that bugs me is the so-called entitlement regarding the complaints about Games for Windows Live with Dark Souls PC.

First and foremost, it's a bloody product released for bloody purchase. If you don't like the product features, like say if the fruit at the supermarket featured several disturbing Lovecraftian growths, you wouldn't buy it. If you happened to like that particular fruit and still wanted to purchase it, you might even say to the store owner, "Hey, you probably shouldn't buy your produce from a shoggoth."

This has nothing to do with entitlement. People are saying they want the game and that they are considerably less interested in a purchase if it has X particular feature.

rjgbyrne2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Fact is these companies make a living from gamers and they should produce exactly what the gamer wants. EA and Capcom not only endanger their bottom line with this DLC gouging but also the industry as a whole. Let's see Microsoft and Sony make a profit when Nintendos attitude is NOT to release a game until it is perfect and their stand on DLC just shows they are producing what gamers deserve. Loyalty is only the colour of money to these companies. As much as I grew up with Streetfighter it really pains me to say I hope Capcom fail and go bust, not only will I never buy their products again but I will actively point out how greedy the [email protected][email protected]$ are at every turn. Either release complete packages, give ALL of the SFXT DLC free or watch you bottom line go down the drain. I can not support such corporate greed and blame has to go to Sony too for financing this. Microsoft are no good either as they have serviced this gouging too. The gaming model is broken, independents such as Valve and their new console will easily get my bottom dollar as they have ALWAYS shown respect to their consumers. If you don't agree you can only be supporting of unfair gouging. If a product is not finished, and both Bioware and Capcom claims they are, it should not be released. It's obvious DLC is being used to withhold part of its product to extract additional money. If they want to charge $80 for a whole game, do it from the start, don't try a reach around afterwards...

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