ProvenGamer: Skullgirls Review

Skullgirls definitely has a certain charm. All the while playing it, I couldn’t help but compare it to the original Darksiders that was released back in 1994. Similarities are there, but I knew I had to think of it as its own release. And I was surprised to find that Skullgirls is a very good, balanced, and unique 2D fighter that everyone should try and experience.

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mt2410d ago

I played the demo and I gotta say I deleted the demo very quickly the characters design is so unique in a way that makes them very disturbing and eyes-burner.

Hufandpuf2410d ago

Beneath the cartoonish visuals there is a very dark tone in the game. I am loving the game so far though as re a lot of other fighting game fans. Sorry you couldn't get into it, the game is great.