Kinect Star Wars, Operation Raccoon City, Are Reviewers Getting It Wrong?

Crapgamer of writes:
Lately there have been a slew of games that are selling well and gamer's seem to be enjoying, but they aren't exactly getting rave reviews. We take a look at what goes into reviewing a game and why a games review might not mean what it has in the past.

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Tai_Kaliso2436d ago

Wow, brilliant read. I think reviewers are taking their own personal agenda in with them with they do a review now days.I had a blast with Kinect Star Wars and I actually am enjoying Operation Raccoon City as well. I don't see why there is so much hate for these titles, I'm actually glad both are selling really well right now.

RedDead2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Yeah I agree, I honestly cannot see how the **** some reviewers gave ORC a 1-2/10. What is this ET? Superman?

No jwk, Reviewers are blatantly throwing around low review scores if they don't like the game. Even if the game isn't actually even close to the score when looking at it objectively

BrianG2436d ago

Exactly, takes me back to when I bought The Fight: Lights Out. Gameplay was awesome, no bugs or glitches while playing, decent online (small community of players). But the average review was like a 2/10.

I also enjoyed REORC, felt the could of been a bit more to the story, but it's definitely not a 2/10 game.

SilentNegotiator2436d ago

If all games even meagerly above average can get an 8+ without blinking, how surprised can you really be when those same people give bad games 1s through 4s?

jwk942436d ago

Reviewers are getting their own opinion wrong? How's that possible?

Tai_Kaliso2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Its not the opinion part, its that reviewers aren't exempt from being biased or bringing an agenda to the table.

Did you see the IGN review of Witcher 2? It was like pistol whipping a blind kid. Obviously the reviewer had an agenda. I think its sad when paid reviewers score games so low, in reality a low score in the 1's and 2's would have to be utterly broken.

Biggest2436d ago

Hmmm. . . Something is fishy here. Where are the usual suspects from the "low" scoring PS3 game articles? We count on them to give the "unbiased" position of reviewer opinion. The reviewers that gave Star Wars Kinect and Operation Raccoon City low scores are completely justified because it is their opinion, right? Stand up for game reviews, friends!


jwk942436d ago

"I think its sad when paid reviewers score games so low"

it's their opinion. deal with it. play the game for yourself

Rainstorm812436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

@ biggest

You know hypocrisy is a staple of this website at times, if i sit here and list all the hypocrisy ive seen id probably get de-bubbled back to the stone age

And i agree, reviews have been overly biased this whole generation, but most time people say its "conspiracy theory

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NYC_Gamer2436d ago

I'm my own reviewer and trust my opinion...don't always agree with the high/low scores certain titles get but it's all personal opinion anyway.

NeoTribe2436d ago

Go to to get a more accurate review for most game titles.

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The story is too old to be commented.