Wii U's first dud:Ninja Gaiden 3

Nixelpixel write 'The gore, the bloodshed, the moves, the upgrades, the insane difficulty has now been replaced by choice, implied violent behavior and generic mapped out movement. One knows that Japanese developers are trying too hard to mimic the western world when they map out the loading screen from the infamous Call of Duty series and one of the initial acts of the game is a carbon copy of Uncharted 3’s desert act.'

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Niles2433d ago

Any reason what made Tecmo commit this sin?

h311rais3r2433d ago

It's ALL about the money money money!

Solid_Snake372433d ago

We don't need your money money money!

kevnb2433d ago

Pizza face left, team ninja have no direction without him.

BattleAxe2433d ago

The WiiU is a dud. Nintendo is firing blanks for the next generation.

Joegrine202433d ago

UGGGGGGGHHHHH why do i even bother comment. sigh gamers these days.

PopRocks3592433d ago

Was this game really THAT awful? I mean I expect based on the complaints that was not as good as some of the other ones, but was it really terrible? A number of my good friends who are fans of this series said it was not nearly as bad as the reviews suggested.

Niles2433d ago

Think of it this way, Remove Ninja from the name of the game and just leave Gaiden in it, that about makes sense...

nyobzoo2433d ago

no not really, they removed a bit of the elements but it's s till a pretty enjoyable game

MariaHelFutura2433d ago

A lot of the enemies don't die they just get up after a few seconds and start fighting again.

Bakkies2433d ago

Tecmo without Itagaki is like a bird without wings. Or more specifically a woman without breasts. Or a Pizza without the toppings.

PopRocks3592433d ago

If you want to be practical, you could say the same thing about Capcom without Inafune.

dragon_rocks2433d ago

If you think about it, the majority of the Wii U crowd may be Nintendo loyalists who may never have played any Ninja Gaiden game before. So for them NG3 would be the first of its kind experience. NG3 is a bad Ninja Gaiden game but as a standalone its still a good action game the likes of which core Nintendo crowd has never experienced. It may still end up selling well on the Wii U. Also since its going to be a while before it is released TN may add more stuff to it to increase its appeal.

jthamind2431d ago

i disagree about it being a good action game as a standalone. it's just not a good game period.

dragon_rocks2431d ago

I strongly disagree with you then. The combat mechanics, animations, enemies, AI etc. are far better than most action games out there.

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