Evidence Continues to Mount for God of War IV

IGN writes: "An IGN reader named Tyla Daniels has added fuel to the fire by supplying a shot that was purportedly taken at BT Games in Johannesburg, South Africa at the Cresta Shopping Centre, and not only shows a logo for God of War IV, but asks gamers to pre-order it."

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sinncross2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Being A South African I can assure you that BTGames is screwy with their pre-ordering.

I remember when MGS Rising was not shown that one year at E3, they still has pre-orders for a release in August that same year.

They also have a habit of sometimes putting the American cover up even though South Africa falls exclusively under the PAL region, but this is rare thankfully.

They may know the game is coming (some retailer in the US said as much at the Sony retailer event) but I would not entirely trust BTGames on their pre-order info...
that said, they have done a good job at getting game sales in South Africa: the first real dedicated game only store in the country and where I shopped until I left the country.

360GamerFG2436d ago

Hey howzit boet? Or do you prefer eita gazlam? (hello brother)

sinncross2436d ago

howzit boet works for me... wow, have not heard that in a while haha

FACTUAL evidence2435d ago

Man GOW4 should of been a ps4 day 1 title.....could you only imagine the people trying to get a ps4 for it?...GOW3 was incredible graphically on ps3, only one can imagine with the ps4.

If it isn't GOW4 though, it might be a ps vita gow.

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devilhunterx2436d ago

And Kratos continues to mount all the hot chicks.

RedDead2435d ago

Give him 30 seconds and they will reach optimal levels of pleasure

nik666uk2436d ago

GOW3 has some of the best graphics this gen, will be interesting to see if they improve on them

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The story is too old to be commented.