Worldwide Weekly Hardware, Week Ending 07th Apr 2012

Worldwide Hardware:

3DS - 193,015
PS3 - 170,125
360 - 169,648
Wii - 77,502
PSV - 72,994
PSP - 34,888
DS - 29,574


Worldwide Software:

1: (X360) Kinect Star Wars - 421,293
2: (PSP) Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Z Saisei-hen - 262,812
3: (X360) Kinect Adventures! - 179,859
4: (Wii) Xenoblade Chronicles - 168,852
5: (3DS) Kid Icarus: Uprising - 88,798
6: (X360) Mass Effect 3 - 76,348
7: (PS3) Devil May Cry HD Collection - 67,280
8: (3DS) Mario Kart 7 - 64,713
9: (PS3) FIFA Street - 63,859
10: (3DS) Super Mario 3D Land - 62,0431

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shinrock2432d ago

now lets see how wrong vg is 2day.

ps360wiihdera2432d ago

Nintendo is still dominating the business as it sold 300,091 hardware units. Sony was a close second by selling 278,007. Microsoft comes last in the console war this week as it sold only 169,648 Xbox 360s.

However it is worth noting that Sony is selling its Vita hardware at a loss, so obviously they made nowhere near what Nintendo did in the week ending 07 apr 12..

Dante1122432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

@ ps360wiihdera

Well actually, ps360. Sony does make a profit from their Vitas. From Day 1 as well.


Edit: I noticed that you also wrote that the PS3 didn't make a profit either in the "Sony needs a pricecut article". Sony made a profit from the PS3 since Feb 2010 if you were wondering.

Source: http://playstationlifestyle...

@ shinrock

They probably are, if their March numbers were that off (Had MS ahead by 120k for the month of March in their USA numbers, when in reality it was only ahead by 34k), these are as well.

Hisiru2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

@shinrock Dark360 and Dante112

It's stupid to compare vgchartz numbers and NPD numbers, because they have different sources (one probably has more source than the other) and they always provide different periods

You guys are always chasing Vgchartz but developers and publishers do pay for those numbers, and in the end of the day, vgchartz and NPD are the same, but with different sources.

Just use your brain, developers/publishers wouldn't pay for vgchartz's services if it wasn't reliable, they wouldn't pay for Vgchartz Pro if it was false.

And OF COURSE the numbers of NPD and Vgchartz will be different as I said before.

Machioto2431d ago

@ps360 I read the link,it doesn't explicitly say ps vita sense the comment it self is from another article,not saying it can't be but it doesn't directly say it.

Dante1122431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

@ Machioto

His article is also from June the 8th, mine is from June the 13th where Sony actually responds to those reports. He gave me a good laugh though.

Edit: @ Hisiru

Are VGchartz's LTD numbers for the consoles reliable as well? If Vgchartz is to be believed the PS3 is only back by 1.9 million from the 360.

Hisiru2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Yes it is reliable, I will post an article coming from NPD which provided (almost) the same numbers for the LTD console sales.

The problem beteween NPD and Vgchartz is that NPD has more sources and different period.

Numbers for x360 and PS3 sales (LTD) are very close to each other.

They provide those numbers for publishers and developers first (which has the Vgchartz Pro) and then they release the information for the general public.

Oh, sorry, there is only a report from NPD until 2011 (which was on par with Vgchartz), there is nothing about 2012.

BattleAxe2431d ago

PS3 continues to close the gap on the 360, with the 360 only having a 2 million unit lead. Pretty amazing since the 360 had a one year and 7 million unit head start.

erasure2422431d ago


Did you read the whole article in your link?

The system itself will supposedly be sold at a slight loss, they will gain on software... Games need to sell... not just they systems...Sony IS taking a loss on every system sold...

YodaCracker2431d ago

According to the last official worldwide numbers from Sony and Microsoft's financial reports, as of Dec 31, 2011 the PS3 was at 62 million and the 360 was at 65.8 million.

VGChartz currently has the PS3 at 63.5 million and the 360 at 65.5 million. So, in other words, in the last three months VGChartz wants us to believe the PS3 has sold 1.5 million units and the 360 has sold -300,000 units. NEGATIVE THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND. You certainly aren't the brightest bulb if you believe those numbers.

Gamer30002431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

if VG numbers are true
that means the gap now is only 1.9m


sony didn't show the 4Q numbers yet
while MS show all their 4Q numbers

BrutallyBlunt2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Is that what most of you still care about, how the Playstation 3 sells compared to the XBOX 360? It really doesn't matter any more because they will both continue to get the lions share of the same software. Sony has also subsidized the cost of the hardware more than anyone else this generation.

What i find the most interesting is how fast the Wii is dropping and also how Vita is not really lighting the world on fire.

2431d ago
baodeus2431d ago


so let just use VG chart as an example to calculate when the ps3 gonna out sell x360 "currently" 2 million lead.

1. Assuming this rate is constant.
2. We don't count the holliday craze (where x360 do much better in term of sale).


170,125 - 169,648 = 477 units (Sony gain this much in 1 week)

There are around 52-53 weeks in a year, let just say 53 (so Sony get an extra week for pownage).

477 x 53 = 25,281 units/year (Sony gain this much in one year)

MS lead is 2 million, so:

2,000,000 units / 25,281 units/year = 79 years.

That how long it gonna take Sony to remove the gap (as you mentioned that Sony is closing the gap) according to this chart.

Remember, i even give Sony the advantage:
53 weeks, no counting holliday sales


BitbyDeath2431d ago

Why'd so many people disagree with Erasure242?

"I think as a business it will definitely be profitable from day one," said House. "In terms of hardware specifically, it's really not something we tend to comment on, but I would say it will be a significantly better situation than for example, the PlayStation 3."

Obviously means Sony is taking a slight loss on hardware but not by much as software will/is making up for it.

ShinMaster2431d ago

It's sickening!

Is this what you casual motion-control/smartphone supporters want for the future of gaming?

humbleopinion2431d ago


Well said! You really nailed that one with actual numbers. It's not very common to see people actually digging deep into these kind of things.

dcbronco2431d ago


Sony can't show there 4th qtr in December because it ends in March. And MS has only had two qtrs for the year. Their year starts in July. Those are their financial quarters. So if they stated yearly totals it's for the calender year and both had four quarters.

Oner2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

So let me get this straight ~ the PS3 minimized the gap from about 7-9 Million since launch day down to about only 2 Million or so ***BUT*** it will take 79 more years to get past the last 2 Million?

Really? REALLY!? SMFH...

The amount of ignorant, immature, misinformed & biased people trying EVERYTHING they can to make themselves feel better about something they couldn't be more wrong about is astonishing!

It's like we are actually reading/seeing them sticking their fingers in their ears, closing their eyes and screaming "LALALALALALALA"!

You may fool a few (like humbleopinion) but the people who are true gamers, actually have an open mind and can reasonably understand things with proper rationale aren't that stupid & won't fall for such asinine & incorrect "mathematics".

Seriously ~ Grow up.

humbleopinion2427d ago

@Onar, you're not very good with math, huh?

Sales flacutate over time. The PS3 already shrunk the gap to 1.6M and since then the X360 increased it to around 2M.

baodeus carefully interpolated the data FROM THE LAST WEEK (which is the subject of the article, in case your reading comprehension skills are not very good) and calculated the rate at which the PS3 will take over the X360 if the CURRENT RATE continues. And currently, both consoles are selling neck to neck.

Your failed argument is similar to someone saying that the Wii gained 40M units over the PS3 in the past 6 years so in 6 more years it will have extra 80M units overall - all while completely ignoring the current trend of drastically declining Wii sales.

Oner2426d ago

You can try and run some BS excuse(s) all you want. I am right. Deal with it.

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Gamer19822431d ago

Oh dear ppl still buying ME3 on 360.. Pc version is definitely the superior version. Onto the sales though not surprised this got heat with 360 sales so high they almost caught ps3. In fact if it wasn't for them selling so well in the US this month they wouldn't be so close to PS3. Now PS3 is about to get its official price drop though let the real battle begin!

Dark3602432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Don't waste your time with this web site. VGChartz is NOT a reliable source.


Hisiru2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

"Just use your brain, developers/publishers wouldn't pay for vgchartz's services if it wasn't reliable, they wouldn't pay for Vgchartz Pro if it was false."

NPD and vgchartz are the same thing but with different sources, obviously the numbers will be different.

They aren't giving those numbers for free just because they love the gaming industry.

shackdaddy2431d ago

Their predictions are actually always very close. Not spot on, but close...

Anon19742431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Actually, it's not uncommon when official sources are available for VGChartz to be out 20% or more - and who can forget when their PS3 numbers were out by over a million for the better part of a year. Off course, when they're really off they'll write editorials explaining how they're at least in the "ballpark" Their track record on software is even worse with them being off in the past by half in some cases.

But let's consider what we're dealing with here. VGChartz is a fan site, created by a Neogaf forum user named Ioi who was eventually banned from Neogaf for continuing to push his guesstimates - so he formed his own site. By contrast, NPD is a huge marketing research company that's ranked among the top research firms worldwide for over 25 years. It was once estimated that VGChartz has a sample size of approx 1-2% in the US and next to nothing in Europe and abroad. NPD group's sample size in the US is around 60% of the market.

There's a reason why no one in the industry uses VGChartz, and Microsoft even went so far as publicly denounce their data as fake. There's also a reason why on VGChartz own site they say their data shouldn't be taken seriously or used for investment purposes - that it's meant only for entertainment purposes.

kaveti66162431d ago

"NPD group's sample size in the US is around 60% of the market."

That's impossible. And unnecessary. A 5 percent sample would be just as reliable. Market research firms can't afford to keep tabs on 60 percent of the market. I know this because I worked for one.

LX-General-Kaos2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

The Nintendo 3DS entertainment system continues to feed off of the growing momentum that Nintendo has gained this generation. Selling very positively at the moment as not only the most popular handheld, but also as the number 1 gaming system worldwide for another week.

With the help of great recently released exclusive titles such as Kid Icarus Uprising (available now) and Kingdom Hearts DDD (released in Japan). The Nintendo 3DS entertainment system and the hard workers at Nintendo HQ can taste the fruits of their own labor.

This has been one heck of a positive ride for the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system so far. Hopefully the success continues onto the coming weeks. With bleeding edge hardware, a massive list of available and pending exclusive titles, and a very low affordable price. The fire that Nintendo has lit under the behind of the gaming world will continue to burn.

I will sport my one of a kind Kirby wrist band in celebration of this amazing news.

Its been a great week and I hope everyone has a blessed day.

Rated E For Everyone

insomnium22431d ago Blessed by who? It's way uncool to sport a religion (any religion) on a website with users from all over the world.

MysticStrummer2431d ago

You have to be kidding. Please say you're kidding. Please...?

shackdaddy2431d ago

What? Are you trolling or just that crazy?

yabhero2431d ago

WHAT?!?! I'll support. My religion politely wherever the f**k I want... If you're not trolling that GTFO!

avenger.avrs2431d ago

Blessed doesn't always have to do with religion. It can just mean blissfully happy or contented.
I don't see a problem with him wanting me to have a happy day:)

insomnium22431d ago

Surely a happy day is way different than a blessed day. Saying "Blessed" is purely related to religion point blank.

I cannot understand the disagrees. Is it good to have religious remarks in an international forum with people from all over the world in it.

I wonder would you be as open and happy about someone wishing you a great day saying how great it is that there are no Gods. Or something related to Islam being the one true religion perhaps?

kaveti66162431d ago

Insomnium, please get over yourself.

The new wave of atheists are so bloody annoying.

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ThePsychoGamer2431d ago

"Kingdom Hearts DDD (released in Japan)."

That means a lot to western gamers, especially when the 3DS is region locked, thanks Nintendo /s.

ThePsychoGamer2431d ago

If you don't want reminders of the systems flaws don't use games currently only available in one region in you advertisements.

LX-General-Kaos2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

It is not a flaw if the headline clearly says worldwide. Japan is part of the world so it is safe to mention.

And how exactly is a game released in Japan a flaw again?

ThePsychoGamer2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

First of all region locking is a flaw, it hurts smaller developers who make games with little to no chance of them getting published in other regions restricts gamers freedom, and is some cases it can even cause a rise in piracy. There is no up side.

Second, you are not advertising on a site used worldwide, your advertising on a site primary used by western gamers.

LX-General-Kaos2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

If that's the case, then I am sure that you are upset over this chart as well because its a worldwide chart posted on a site that is primarily used by western gamers? When worldwide numbers release, that gives commenters the right to speak of activity that goes on worldwide.

I don't understand where you are going with this, but I hope you have calmed down and continue to have a great day sir.

bothebo2431d ago

Great exclusives? You mean the re-hashed first party crap fests that Nintendo put out every year? Bleeding edge hardware? Are you sober?

yabhero2431d ago

LOL... The majority of people don't call Nintendo first parties crap... Zelda and Mario are some of the most well respected series of all time, they games feature the same character but that's about it... You can't tell be Skyward Sword is just a rehash of Twilight Princess, or that Super Mario 3Dland is just a rehash of New Super Mario Bros. Don't get me wrong but who's the one with 3 Gears of War and 3 Uncharteds all on the same system... If it ain't broke, don't fix it...

bothebo2430d ago

I have trouble respecting Zelda and Mario... no offense. To be honest, there are way too many Zelda and Mario games like Mario Kart 7. Seven games in one series is a lot for a series with only three new characters appearing in Mario Kart 7. I'm also sick of the same crap with Zelda. The races are mostly the same, all of the characters are the same, and the setting is mostly the same.
I don't see what the problem is with having three Uncharted games is. The average metacritic score for the series excluding Golden Abyss is 92.... I don't think any Nintendo series can say that.

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FrigidDARKNESS2431d ago

Ignore these numbers they're from VGCHARTZ not accurate at all.

Siren302431d ago

Why don't you take your own advice?

MaxXAttaxX2431d ago

That didn't make sense.
He said to ignore these "numbers" not ignore this article.

Everyone here hasn't ignored the article, but no one has to take these numbers too seriously.

yabhero2431d ago

Math time! V= vita 2v=x. X=3ds