100° HIS HD 7850 review

The HIS HD 7850 is a solid gaming card that will satisfy many gamers.  It can hold its own on resource intensive games such as Crysis, Skyrim, and Battlefield 3. Its strength lies in its new architecture, with its improved processing power and multimedia features. The improved processing power was really evident in the Heaven benchmark with its heavy tessellation.

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Mirrikh2438d ago

Apparently Christ liked the benchmark scores he was getting on this in Heaven..

Unigine Heaven that is. Snarf...

turgore2438d ago

Christ Centered Gamer

SilentNegotiator2438d ago

What does the J man have to do with video games?

JohnnyMann4202438d ago

Ya they need a good card to play all those old Moses nes games

dirthurts2438d ago

I have the 7870 and it runs like a beast. Just about every game, maxed at 1080p at a solid 60fps.
Christians like video games too :)

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