Rumor: Dead Space 3 To Be Revealed Next Month?

UK magazine PLAY is teasing Dead Space 3

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aviator1892411d ago

Would be sweet. Loved both 1 and 2.

iChii2411d ago

Me too. Dead Space games are awesome, I hope they announce the third one soon.

Omar912411d ago

Please let this be true. me and my friend were talking about this about a week ago. I cannot wait for the next installment

DeadSpaced2411d ago

You're so right. It's so important that I brush my teeth to the tune of The Marker's signal in my head.

Dark112411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

what? you do know that both games focus on action more than horror right?
sure dead space may has some horror moments more than RE5
but we have to wait for RE6 to see what they got
after all , leon side will be all about horror.

for me RE is better than Dead space
because of the deep characters RE got!

DeadSpaced2411d ago

I am fully aware of what I'm saying. And you know that RE is going to more of an action game with horror elements, right? Not too long ago, they said the survival horror market was too small.

I personally think they're wrong about that. I'm sure you'd probably could agree with me on at least that.

TekoIie2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

DS1+2 are actually scary which is what i WANT. Its story has more potential too. Sci-fi always has the edge over the modern day :P

Sevir2411d ago

And RE6 will be awesome

2411d ago
Nimblest-Assassin2410d ago

I hope the rumours of it using frostbite 2, and it is on a colony on a snowy planet, with those blackish creatures.

It would be like the thing and aliens, but 10 times the awesome.

The survival horror market is booming this year with Dead Space, The last of Us, and Aliens: Colonial Marines.. its a shame RE6 is trying to distance itself away from the market and try to appeal to the cod crowd.

The Leon parts sound great, but the Chris and new guy parts are going to disjoint the games focus... thank god they have separate campaigns so I can get my horror fix

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DeadSpaced2411d ago

The only thing I an say is I checked out the website and it seems legit. I think.

VanillaBear2411d ago

With all these games being announced I hope they have some surprizes left for E3......wheres the fun in E3 now when all the games are revealed before it starts.

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